Tesla’s focus on products and innovation instead of PR highlighted by China exec

(Credit: Tesla Owners Tehui Club-Hefei via @teslacn)

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai’s focus on manufacturing quality products and innovation was recently emphasized by Vice President of External Affairs Grace Tao. One of Tao’s recent Weibo posts hinted that Giga Shanghai valued product manufacturing and development over PR and marketing strategies, which seems similar to Elon Musk’s ideology. 

“We really don’t want to spend time and energy on marketing and public relations. We hope to spend resources on things [or changes] that can really bring value,” Tao replied to a Weibo user. “For example, [Tesla focuses on] developing and manufacturing truly excellent products and providing customers with excellent services. Time will prove everything,” she said. 

Gigafactory Shanghai has gained a reputation for manufacturing high-quality vehicles, often rivaling that of those produced in the Fremont Factory. A Weibo post from Tao last week revealed that Tesla China has also started focusing on ramping the infrastructure for its vehicles by installing more Supercharger V3 stalls and opening more service centers. 

(Credit: Grace Tao Lin via Weibo)

VP Grace Tao and Elon Musk seem to share the same outlook about the value of letting Tesla’s products speak for themselves versus using PR and marketing strategies. Tesla has long favored word-of-mouth and organic strategies to promote its all-electric vehicles over traditional marketing initiatives.

And it has proven effective. Tesla’s word-of-mouth strategy has created a zealous, supportive community around the company. Some members of the Tesla community have even taken it upon themselves to dispense useful information about the company, its vehicles, and Elon Musk, effectively supercharging the word-of-mouth method.

The VP of External Affairs followed up her response with a link to a poster of Tesla Giga Shanghai’s national touring job fair. It will be traveling to four cities in China and recruiting workers for Gigafactory Shanghai’s production and manufacturing team.

(Credit: Grace Tao Lin via Weibo)
Tesla’s focus on products and innovation instead of PR highlighted by China exec
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