Tesla China ensures ‘worry-free’ trips with more Supercharger V3 stalls & service centers

(Credit: Tesla Greater China)

Tesla China seems determined to ensure that owners have all the support they need, wherever they are in the country. Recently, Global VP Grace Tao revealed all the progress the company has made in China. She shared an informative infographic about Supercharger V3 stalls  that have been installed in the country, as well as integrated sales and service centers that have been opened. 

“Tesla currently has more than 20,000 Supercharger stalls worldwide. So far, more than 540 Superchargers have been built in mainland China. With 718 destination charging stations, comprehensive coverage of more than 280 cities in the country,” said the first infographic, when roughly translated.

(Credit: Grace Tao via Weibo)

“At the same time, we have also built more than 150 experience stores and service centers across the country. In addition to worry-free charging, there are more guarantees for you to travel,” the infographic stated. 

Ray4Tesla revealed that 17 Tesla Supercharger stations were recently brought online across 16 city locations in China simultaneously. He suggested that the amount of Tesla Superchargers in the country could exceed Tesla’s worldwide count, if the company’s China branch continues at its current pace.

Tesla China seems to be opening more sales and service centers at a similar pace as well, like the infographic suggested. On December 7, the doors to a massive Tesla Center in Chengdu were officially opened. The Tesla Center will provide integrated consulting, test rides, test drives, sales, after-sales maintenance and other services. 

After a remarkable year of Model 3 production at Gigafactory Shanghai, Tesla China seems set to cement its EV infrastructure in the country. Tesla filed four Model 3 variants with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently, suggesting that Gigafactory Shanghai is just getting started. 

Tesla China ensures ‘worry-free’ trips with more Supercharger V3 stalls & service centers
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