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Tesla CEO Elon Musk commits to support of NYC in coronavirus relief efforts

Tesla Model 3 in NYC (Photo: Teslarati)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio extended words of gratitude toward CEO Elon Musk on Friday, in response to Tesla’s commitment to donate ventilators to New York, which has become the epicenter of coronavirus cases in the US.

“You’re most welcome. Credit to the Tesla team. Will do our best to help in any way,” said Musk, in reply to de Blasio’s outreach.

Musk added that the most effective way to fight the shortage of ventilators is to recognize the exact locations of where they are needed and get them to those hospitals in an efficient fashion. “Biggest value Tesla is providing is the precise delivery of ventilators exactly to the ICU where & when they’re needed. There are many ventilators in warehouses, but stuck in logistics/routing/paperwork issues,” Musk stated.

A follower of Musk on Twitter then asked if Tesla would begin charging hospitals or medical facilities for ventilators that they either buy or manufacture themselves.

Musk clarified that he or his company would accept any compensation for the machines that will help save lives. “We will give away all our ventilators, whether we buy them or build them,” the Tesla CEO said.

The donation of ventilators from Musk to the city came in response to de Blasio’s request for help on March 19. On that day, Musk tweeted that Tesla would be willing to manufacture ventilators if there was a shortage. The tweet incited a response from de Blasio, who stated, “New York City is buying!”


In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Musk has stated the best response is to remain calm and not panic. While Tesla’s facilities in Fremont, California, and Buffalo, New York remain closed for production, their doors are opening for the manufacturing of third party ventilator systems. Initially, Musk struck up a conversation with a team from Medtronics. This conversation eventually led to Tesla offering its Fremont plant as a manufacturing facility for the medical equipment company to increase its production of ventilators. CEO Omar Ishrak confirmed the partnership between Tesla and Medtronics on CNBC on Wednesday.

Musk’s efforts span outside of New York. Earlier this week, he delivered 1,200 ventilators to the city of Los Angeles free of charge. China had an excess of ventilators, so Musk took it upon himself to purchase them and deliver the systems to Los Angeles to assist with COVID-19 affected patients. Tesla’s effort to help with the ventilator shortage will more than likely help patients with severe respiratory problems get the help they need, especially with the massive deficit in machines compared to severe cases of the virus.

While Fremont remains partially opened for some workers to help with loading Tesla vehicles onto haulers for delivery, Giga New York remains closed, even though many New York officials are requesting the plant be reopened for ventilator production.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk commits to support of NYC in coronavirus relief efforts
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