Tesla Owners Silicon Valley Smart Summon Model 3s (Credit: @MinimalDuck)

Tesla’s ‘Reverse Summon’ is coming soon after core Autopilot improvements

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley Smart Summon Model 3s (Credit: @MinimalDuck)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently confirmed that the company is hoping to finish some valuable improvements on Autopilot’s core foundation code and 3D labeling to roll out better functionality for its fleet of vehicles. Apart from this, Musk also remarked that a “Reverse Summon” function may be rolled out soon.

Musk was asked via Twitter by Tesla enthusiast and Resonant Aero founder Anner J. Bonilla when the beta for Reverse Summon will be available. Musk noted that the feature is indeed coming soon, and teased that upcoming improvements will also usher in some improved visualizations on vehicles’ displays.

It remains to be seen if “Reverse Summon” is an upgraded form of Tesla Autopark, a function that was released in March 2017. Considering the “Reverse Summon” moniker, it appears that the upcoming feature will involve vehicles dropping off their passengers and heading to a parking spot without a driver. With this, Reverse Summon could practically be a mirror function of Smart Summon, which allows vehicles to pick up their passengers from a parking spot without a driver.

According to Tesla’s dedicated Autopilot AI webpage, it optimizes its code by looking at throughput, latency, correctness, and determinism so the software will be tightly integrated with its hardware. Such improvements in the core foundation code of Tesla’s Autopilot will allow it to maximize the potential of its hardware and process high-fidelity representation of the environment so the car can eventually achieve Full Self-Driving capabilities.

These improvements to Tesla’s Autopilot and the introduction of new features such as Reverse Summon will likely capitalize on the innate capabilities of Hardware 3, the company’s custom self-driving computer. Hardware 3 is a big part of Tesla’s rollout of its feature-complete FSD, which Musk noted will likely happen within the next few months. Musk mentioned this in the Q4 earnings call.

“And what isn’t obvious regarding Autopilot and Full Self-Driving is just how much work has been going into improving the foundational elements of autonomy… like the core autopilots in Tesla or Autopilot software and AI team is just is I think very, very strong in making great progress. And we’re only beginning to take full advantage of the Autopilot hardware and the FSD hardware,” Musk said.

Tesla’s endgame with its Hardware 3 rollout is the introduction of its full suite of FSD features. Upcoming features such as Reverse Summon may seem quite minor in the grand scheme of things, but these upgrades add valuable contributions to Tesla’s pursuit of full self-driving nonetheless.

Tesla’s ‘Reverse Summon’ is coming soon after core Autopilot improvements
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