Tesla formally starts FSD Beta 10.3 rollout, includes drivers with 99 Safety Score

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Tesla has formally started the rollout of FSD Beta 10.3 to its fleet. The latest iteration of the advanced driver assist system featured several improvements that were outlined in some detailed Release Notes. 

As observed by members of the electric vehicle community, FSD Beta 10.3 is now being rolled out to drivers with a Safety Score of 99 and above. This was previously mentioned by CEO Elon Musk on Twitter, who noted that the advanced driver assist system would gradually be released to owners with Safety Scores below 100

The following are the detailed Release Notes for Tesla FSD Beta 10.3

  • Added FSD Profiles that allow drivers to control behaviors like rolling stops, exiting passing lanes, speed-based lane changes, following distance and yellow light headway. 
  • Added planning capability to drive along oncoming lanes to maneuver around path blockage. 
  • Improved creeping speed by linking speed to visibility network estimation and distance to encroachment point of crossing lanes. 
  • Improved crossing object velocity estimation by 20% and yaw estimation by 25% by upreving surround video vehicle network with more data. Also increased system frame rate by +1.7 frames per second. 
  • Improved vehicle semantic detections (e.g. brake lights, turn indicators, hazards) by adding +25k video clips to the training data set. 
  • Improved static obstacle control by upreving the generalized static object network with 6k more video clips (+5.6% precision, +2.5% recall). 
  • Allowed more acceleration when merging from on-ramps onto major roads and when lane changing from slow to fast lanes. 
  • Reduced false slowdowns and improved offsetting for pedestrians by improving the model of interaction between pedestrians and the static world. 
  • Improved turning profile for unprotected turns by allowing ego to lane lines more naturally, when safe to do so. 
  • Improved speed profile for boosting onto high-speed roads by enforcing stricter longitudinal and lateral acceleration limits required to beat the crossing objects. 

The release of FSD Beta 10.3 was initially set for Friday midnight. As Saturday rolled in, however, members of the FSD Beta group observed that no such updates were being received by their vehicles. Elon Musk eventually explained the slight delay, noting that Tesla had found some “regression in some left turns at traffic lights” was found by the company’s internal QA team. With a fix being developed for the observed behavior, Musk noted that FSD Beta 10.3 would likely be rolling out on Sunday instead. This estimate proved accurate.

Considering that Tesla is adopting a conservative approach to the rollout of FSD Beta, it would not be surprising if the company enforces even stricter rules for inattentive drivers or users who are using the advanced driver assist system irresponsibly. Just a few days ago, and as a copy of a message from Tesla issuing a warning to an FSD Beta tester made the rounds online, Elon Musk confirmed that the company is indeed kicking out users who are misusing the system by being inattentive to the road.

Tesla is currently experiencing some scrutiny from the NHTSA, with the agency probing the company over incidents where a vehicle in Autopilot crashed into a stationary emergency vehicle. Tesla has since rolled out a safety update for Autopilot, which, in turn, seemingly aggravated the NHTSA since the company did not issue a recall before releasing its over-the-air software update. During the Q3 2021 earnings call, however, Tesla executives highlighted that the company welcomes the scrutiny, and that the it is willing to work with any safety agency to make its the roads as safe as possible.

Watch Tesla FSD Beta 10.3 in action in the video below.

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Tesla formally starts FSD Beta 10.3 rollout, includes drivers with 99 Safety Score
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