Tesla FSD Beta v10.3 delayed, ‘probably’ releasing Sunday, Musk says

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s newest version of the Full Self-Driving Beta was delayed from Friday to Sunday, according to CEO Elon Musk. If you were expecting to receive a new bi-weekly download and didn’t receive it, it will “probably” release tomorrow, the CEO said.

Tesla has been releasing new versions of the FSD Beta to members of the Beta testing pool every other Friday. However, some releases are delayed for unexpected reasons, including bugs found in the software before release. Due to Tesla’s commitment to safety and consistent strive for perfection with the Full Self-Driving suite, it will not release an update unless everything looks perfect.

Musk said that there were some regressions found in left turns at traffic lights, so the software team will work to iron out these bugs over the weekend. Tesla still plans to release the software by tomorrow.

Tesla has done a reasonable job of staying on schedule with its software update releases for the FSD Beta. However, unexpected delays do occur, and this will prevent the newest version from performing under the company’s expectations, which has happened in the past. In August, Musk admitted that FSD Beta 9.2 was “not great,” which can be expected while the software is still in its Beta stage. Improvements occur with every mile driven thanks to Tesla’s Neural Network and the bi-weekly updates that the company rolls out.

The new update will roll out to Tesla drivers with a Safety Score of 99 or above, Musk confirmed. In an effort to expand its Beta program, Tesla has started rolling out Software Updates to members with scores lower than the perfect 100. However, if you are in the Beta program, it is important to remain attentive and use the Full Self-Driving suite responsibly. Tesla is committed to safety first, and any drivers utilizing the Beta program irresponsibly are being removed, Musk confirmed in a Tweet to Teslarati earlier this week.

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Tesla FSD Beta v10.3 delayed, ‘probably’ releasing Sunday, Musk says
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