Tesla Giga Berlin footage hints at upcoming Deep Blue Metallic paint rollout

Credit: @thewolfpackberlin/YouTube

A recent flyover of the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg facility suggests that Tesla is currently testing out new colors for the Germany-made Model Y crossover. Next up appears to be Deep Blue Metallic paint. 

Prior to Gigafactory Berlin’s start of production, Tesla CEO Elon Musk noted that the Germany-based facility would be home to the electric vehicle maker’s most advanced paint shop. So far, Giga Berlin’s paint shop has been walking the walk, offering unique Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red colors that are unavailable anywhere else. 

But while Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red are flagship colors offered by Giga Berlin, electric vehicle enthusiasts are also looking forward to the facility’s other, more “regular” color options. With this in mind, a recent video from The Wolfpack Berlin suggests that Deep Blue Metallic paint seems to be coming to Tesla’s Germany-made vehicles.

During a flyover on February 4, the drone operators were able to capture some footage of a blue Model Y unit parked alongside other vehicles. A closer look at the vehicle shows that it was painted in a very similar shade to Tesla’s current Deep Blue Metallic paint. Interestingly enough, Tesla Germany’s online configurator for the Model Y Performance lists estimated deliveries for Deep Blue Metallic units at July to August 2023. 

Tesla’s new colors from Giga Berlin have been a point of interest for some time now. This was especially the case back in October 2021, when the Tesla App’s Update 4.2.1 was observed to have references to three new colors: “Deep Crimson Multicoat,” “Abyss Blue Multicoat,” and “Mercury Silver Metallic.” 

So far, Deep Crimson Multicoat appears to have been rolled out as Midnight Cherry Red, and Mercury Silver Metallic has been introduced as Quicksilver. Tesla is yet to introduce a unique blue color for Giga Berlin, though the sighting of the Deep Blue Metallic Model Y from the facility in the recent flyover suggests that the company may soon offer blue-painted vehicles nonetheless.

Watch The Wolfpack Berlin‘s recent Giga Berlin flyover in the video below. 

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