Tesla Giga Berlin protest was peaceful on the first day

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The Tesla Giga Berlin protest was peaceful and quiet on its first day. 

“There have been no violent riots so far,” said a spokesperson. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2024, marked the first day of the protest against Tesla Giga Berlin. On the first day, nearly 50 people protested in front of the State Parliament in Potsdam. Police called the demonstration peaceful. However, they did remove a banner put up by environmental group Robin Wood, which stated, “Transportation change instead of car companies.”

The organized protest is expected to last several days. At least hundreds of activists are expected to participate in the Tesla Giga Berlin protest. According to organizers from the Ende Gelände environmental group, about 1,200 people have registered for the protest. 

On Sunday, Tesla Giga Berlin protest participants wanted to set up tents at Werlsee, about 2 kilometers north of the EV factory’s forest site. Protesters set up about 200 tents near the open-air stage in Lake Werlsee. 

Tesla will halt production in Giga Berlin on Thursday and Friday, but not because of the protest. Tesla Giga Berlin plans to halt production on Thursday, May 9, 2024, because it is a holiday. 

According to a Tesla spokesperson, the company planned to consider Friday, May 10, 2024, as a bridge day for vehicle production. A bridge day is the day between a national holiday and the weekend. The workforce had been informed of the brief holiday break in January 2024. Other employees, presumably unrelated to vehicle production, will work from home on Friday, May 10, 2024, because of the protests. 

Only time can tell what happens to Tesla Giga Berlin in the future. The EV manufacturer has plans to expand production in Germany to increase its production capacity to 1 million units per year. However, Grünheide residents who live near Tesla Giga Berlin voted against the factory’s expansion

Since then, tensions have escalated, resulting in local protests. Tesla Giga Berlin was the target of an arson attack in the first quarter, which affected production and Q1 2024 delivery results.

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Tesla Giga Berlin protest was peaceful on the first day
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