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Tesla Giga Berlin protests impact production schedule

Credit: Tesla Inc.

Protesters at Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin have caused a slight impact on the company’s production schedule at the plant.

Tesla will not open on Friday for production, and all employees will be required to work from home to avoid issues with the protesters at the plant. The plant will be closed for four days, including Thursday’s holiday, Friday’s protest, and the weekend.

Production at the plant will stop after the late shift on Wednesday and resume with a late shift on Sunday, and access to the plant will only be available if a manager approves it, according to Handelsblatt, who first reported the story:

“No access to the site or the factory is possible without the explicit instructions and approval of your manager.”

Tesla has plans to expand its Gigafactory Berlin plant, but protesters are more concerned about the environmental aspects of the factory’s growth. The forests surrounding the current plant structure will need to be knocked down to make way for new buildings.

Protesters have even built treehouses in the forest near the factory and inhabited them to stop the potential for trees to be knocked down.

They said they planned to live in the treehouses “indefinitely.

German politicians are not thrilled about the possibility of the protesters staying in the area, but they are technically allowed.

Brandenburg’s Interior Minister Michael Stügben said:

“We believe the threat is not just abstract – as is the case with hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest in Brandenburg – but rather concrete. The first thing is to rule out any danger to the camp residents, but also to the forestry employees, the police, and forest walkers.”

Tesla has operated Gigafactory Berlin since 2020 and only builds the Model Y crossover in the factory. It also has a world-class paint shop that offers two exclusive colors, one of which was recently brought to the U.S. market.

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Tesla Giga Berlin protests impact production schedule
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