Tesla’s first street in Germany has arrived

Credit: @Gf4Tesla | Twitter

Tesla’s first street, labeled “Tesla Straße,” has been erected in Germany near Giga Berlin.

Tesla has been working to construct and develop its next production facility in Brandenburg, Germany, since January 2020. Now, the first street named after the electric automaker has arrived.

Photos shared by @Gf4Tesla show the street sign, which was erected on the morning of Friday, August 14, 2020. The sign will direct drivers off of German drivers off of the L38, which is located just off of Bundesautobahn Route 10.

The “1” that is placed just below the street sign is indicative of the street address. For example, a house situated at the address “1 Tesla Straße” would be on this road, making it easier for drivers to find places of interest that they could be traveling to.

The placement of the street sign is indicative of Tesla’s presence in Germany as if the construction of a Gigafactory was not enough. The electric automaker has won over plenty of people in the European country as it will provide economic stimulation through vehicle production and employment opportunities.

However, Tesla’s street sign in Brandenburg could be taken as an official initiation into the country. Often times, street signs are named after prominent figures or are symbolic of what an area means. For example, many streets are named after important figures in history, and others are named after what stands at the location currently. This point is relevant for streets like “Martin Luther King Boulevard,” or for SpaceX Headquarters in Hawthorne, California, which sits on Rocket Road.

Interestingly, several GPS and Mapping applications have already included Tesla Straße into its infrastructure. Apple Maps is one example, and one Twitter user by the name of @AndiOlli80 stated that TomTom has also implemented the street into its system.

Tesla Straße in Apple Maps. (Credit: Apple Maps)

Construction crews at the Giga Berlin site are currently working on completing the fabrication of each of the facility’s structures. Now, the Drive Unit is the closest to completion, as the framework for the building is finished, but crews are installing walls and ceilings for the building.

Giga Berlin’s paint shop and Body In White buildings are also moving along quickly in part to prefabricated construction methods, and crews are working toward completing those facilities in a timely fashion.

Giga Berlin will manufacture the Model Y first, and production is expected to begin in July 2021.

Tesla’s first street in Germany has arrived
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