Tesla Giga Berlin update: cranes, excavation, foundation work, internet, and more

Credit: Twitter | Gigafactory_4

Construction crews at Tesla’s Giga Berlin property in Brandenburg, Germany, are moving swiftly and efficiently to complete the large-scale project by its target completion date. An update of the Giga Berlin site courtesy of @gigafactory_4 on Twitter shows a variety of new tasks underway. These include new excavation, the buildout of new foundations and a fourth crane, as well as internet access.

New photographs were taken on June 22, showing the updates on the property that Tesla officially purchased in January. Overall, Gigafactory Berlin appears to be ramping nicely as Tesla plans to begin producing the Model Y crossover in July 2021.

A Fourth Tower Crane Appears Along with New Excavation Projects

A fourth tower crane has been spotted on the site, which will be used to efficiently lift and move heavy materials while maintaining a small footprint on the site. Tower cranes take up very little room and can move sizable objects quickly.

A new excavation project has also appeared on the site at the forefront of the photo below. Tesla’s contracted crews finished the general excavation of the facility in late March and early April.

New Gravel Roads for Construction Vehicles

New gravel roads appeared on the area as well, hinting that projects across the entire property will commence soon. Initially, there was only one gravel road that allowed vehicles to gain access to Giga Berlin. Still, more are being put in every week to enable heavy vehicles to navigate across the site efficiently.


New Foundational Work

There are a series of new foundations set where a portion of the main facility will stand. In late May, Tesla received preliminary approval to begin foundation work from the German government, with the first portions being installed in early June. Load tests were performed in mid-May to determine the strength of the grounds. Several front loaders are currently working on this portion of the site, moving dirt and digging holes where the foundations are going to be installed.

Internet access for containers

Satellite dishes were spotted on top of the construction containers where supervisors and project managers will oversee the entire project. This addition could expedite communication between project managers and Tesla or could allow engineers to efficiently design parts of the future facility. Either way, it is an advantage to have internet access in the vicinity of the property for a variety of reasons.

Credit: Twitter | Gigafactory_4

Tesla plans to begin building 500,000 vehicles annually at Giga Berlin starting next year. The Model Y will be first on the list, and the company also plans to build a world-class paint facility at the site, which is expected to completely abolish the company’s issues with build quality. Elon Musk has said that paint is a weakness of Tesla, but Giga Berlin will be the first step in improving the color quality of its vehicles.

Tesla Giga Berlin update: cranes, excavation, foundation work, internet, and more
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