Tesla prepares for Model Y pilot line in China with massive hiring ramp

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Tesla is preparing for the production of the Model Y in China at its Giga Shanghai facility with a massive hiring ramp of nearly 900 manufacturing jobs.

Tesla is preparing for the first production push of the Model Y crossover in the Chinese market and expects to begin production at the beginning of 2021. Before the manufacturing efforts can continue, the company must hire a sizeable team that will be able to handle the large scale production of the vehicle.

Tesla owner and enthusiast @Ray4Tesla on Twitter shared the job postings, which detail the position names and the number of workers the company plans to hire for the project.

Giga Shanghai is currently under expansion to make room for Model Y production. Phase 2 of the facility will build the electric crossover, and Tesla is also using a new manufacturing process for the vehicle through a massive casting machine.

Tesla is not only hiring for the casting workshop but also in eight other areas. The largest hiring pushes will take place in the Motor Workshop with 180 open positions, the Assembly Workshop with 370 jobs, and the Body Shop with 140 positions.

Each of these portions of the Giga Shanghai Phase 2 facility are geared toward hiring production operators who will be responsible for putting together the Model Y on the production line. These areas require the highest number of workers to ensure the production of the vehicle is efficient and manageable.

Among the other positions available for the Model Y line are in the stamping, paint, logistics, quality, and supercharging shops, all of which will contribute an “all hands on deck” approach to the quickly arriving date of production of the crossover.

The effort of hiring more workers at Giga Shanghai follows a company-wide expansion of the team in China altogether. Not only is Tesla looking to add more team members at its manufacturing facility, but the company has also posted several job offerings throughout various areas of China that are located at service centers and showrooms.

The wave of new hires is in preparation for the increased demand that Tesla has experienced in China since beginning deliveries of the Model 3 in January 2020. The mass-market sedan has quickly become the most popular electric car in China, overtaking the BYD Qin Pro.

The Model 3 shares 13% of the total market share of EVs sold in China in 2020, which is over tw0-and-a-half times larger than the Qin Pro EV, which only has 5%, the EV Sales Blog reported.

Tesla is anticipating on the Model Y being the company’s most popular vehicle yet because of its body style and increased cargo space. The company focused on improving the manufacturing of the car, which started with improving the chassis and eliminating so many pieces from the car’s frame. The casting machine will create a one-piece chassis that will increase manufacturing efficiency.

Pair the manufacturing developments with a larger team at Giga Shanghai, and Tesla could begin building the Model Y could enter production sooner than expected.

Tesla prepares for Model Y pilot line in China with massive hiring ramp
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