Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai completes foundation buildout in gigantic Phase 2 zone

(Credit: Jason Yang/YouTube)

The progress of Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is one for the record books. While Gigafactory 1 in Nevada has remained roughly 30% complete for a few years now, the first phase of Giga Shanghai was completed in less than a year since its groundbreaking ceremony. Now, the facility’s massive Phase 2 area is under construction, and if recent footage of the site is any indication, it appears that the next stage of Tesla’s Shanghai factory will be completed even faster than expected.

Tesla enthusiast and drone operator Jason Yang recently visited the Gigafactory Shanghai site, where he documented the new developments going on in the area. Based on his video, the gigantic Phase 2 area, which is larger than Phase 1 and comprised of two large buildings (referred to in the Tesla community as 2A and 2B for now), is already coming together.

The drone operator even remarked that the buildout of Phase 2A’s foundations have already been completed, and steel structures are now being built. The Phase 2B area, on the other hand, now has several pile drivers on the site, hinting that work on the upcoming structure’s foundations will likely begin soon as well.

Even more remarkable was that the first roof trusses in small sections of the Phase 2A building are already being built. Tesla community members who have followed the Gigafactory Shanghai site since its groundbreaking ceremony last year would recall that the progress of Phase 1 accelerated significantly once the foundations were finished and work on the building’s roof trusses was started. With this in mind, it would not be surprising if the buildout of Giga Shanghai’s Phase 2 zone becomes even faster from this point on.

The progress of Giga Shanghai currently stands as the gold standard for all of Tesla’s construction projects. Elon Musk, for one, challenged Germany by stating that the first phase of Gigafactory Berlin should be finished at roughly the same time as Giga Shanghai’s Phase 1 zone. Musk’s challenge seems to have worked so far, with the construction in Giga Berlin continuing at a reasonably rapid pace despite the outbreak of the coronavirus. That being said, the development of the Brandenburg site has met some challenges in recent months due to protests from opposing parties, which have resulted in delays.

Very few details are currently known about the intended purpose of Gigafactory Shanghai’s second phase. Phase 1 is being used for the Model 3 line, and Phase 1.5 (a nearby building) is reportedly set to be used for powertrain and battery pack assembly. Phase 2 is nothing short of gigantic, which means that there’s a pretty good chance it will not just be used for the production of the Model Y. Perhaps a site for Solarglass Roof production for the Chinese market is in order? The next few months will likely reveal the answer.

Check out Jason Yang’s recent drone flyover of the Gigafactory Shanghai site in the video below.

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai completes foundation buildout in gigantic Phase 2 zone
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