Tesla is already hiring for Giga Texas

Tesla has already posted 39 total employment opportunities in Austin, where its next production facility, Giga Texas, is being built.

The company is preparing for a large-scale employment push to prepare for the factory’s completion. Tesla expects to be finished by the end of 2021.

The jobs available include Construction Safety Manager, Environmental Specialist, Engineering Technicians, and Human Resources Partners.

In August alone, Tesla has posted seven total jobs. Several of these employment postings have to do with the construction of the factory itself. In contrast, others will contribute to the day-to-day operations of the facility after it is built.

Some of the job postings were published to Tesla’s Career site before the company announced its intentions to bring a manufacturing facility to the Lone Star State. These postings are related to Tesla’s Energy business and describe solar panel installers and electricians.

(Photo: Tesla)

Regardless, Tesla is planning to bring several qualified applicants in to oversee the construction of the facility, as well as several individuals who will help the company hit the ground running when the factory is completed.

In June, Tesla proposed the economic benefits that the company’s presence would have in the Austin community to local politicians. The company stated that it planned to bring “5,000 middle-skill jobs that fit a targeted economic development need.”

While many of these jobs will likely be attributed to automotive manufacturing as several Tesla models will be built at the facility, there are other employment opportunities that the company is already preparing to hire for.

Additionally, Tesla stated that the location of the factory would bring up to 4,000 new jobs to the area that are not directly related to the company itself. The presentation the electric automaker gave indicated that the facility would provide these additional jobs through “secondary effects.”

“Tesla could be a source of re-employment for many,” the company stated during the presentation.

The facility will primarily focus on the production of Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck. The all-electric pickup will be exclusively produced at Giga Texas, along with the Model 3 and Model Y for customers on the Eastern half of North America. Tesla’s other manufacturing plant in Fremont, California, will take care of the rest of the country.

Tesla has construction crews in Austin that are currently completing land leveling and excavation projects in preparation for the initial groundbreaking of the facility itself. The landmass that Tesla purchased is 2,100 acres in size is expected to draw at least $1 billion of investment by the company.

Tesla is already hiring for Giga Texas
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