Tesla Model Y’s camping versatility makes it the ultimate outdoor machine

Credit: The Kilowatts

The Tesla Model Y packs versatility in several ways. Starting with the crossover style that gives it spaciousness and comfortability, and pairing it with the street-blazing performance of the all-electric powerhouse makes it one of Tesla’s best vehicles to date. However, the Y is capable of more than a comfortable ride to the grocery store and a quick spin on the drag strip. It could be Tesla’s best vehicle for camping yet because its many available options make it perfect for any individual or family.

The Kilowatts YouTube channel provided a series of options that would provide a comfortable and spacious sleeping situation for anyone who chose to take their Model Y into the wilderness for a night of camping. Two options were available for sleeping in the cabin, and the other would give owners a unique experience that would have them camp on top of the vehicle using the Tesla roof rack that can be purchase on the company’s shop.

The two interior options are simple mattresses that would give campers a comfortable overnight stay within their all-electric crossover. In the past, the Model Y has been equipped with mattresses to show the spaciousness of the vehicle compared to its sibling in the Model 3, but the two options presented by Kilowatts host Ryan show the differences between two available mattress options from Dreamcase and Exped.

Both options provide comfortable sleeping arrangements for an owner, and it comes down to personal preference and affordability. Combine either of the cabin mattresses with the Model Y’s “Camp Mode,” which improves the efficiency of the airflow and air conditioning usage to increase vehicle range, for an overnight experience that will rival a hotel room.

On the contrary, the arguably more interesting option provided the opportunity to sleep on top of the Model Y using a tent from Yakima, but other options are available. These top-loading tents are ideal for a number of reasons, including a unique experience that would allow up to two people to camp on top of the crossover.

Sleeping on top of the Model Y has its advantages and could provide a great overnight camping experience that would rival sleeping in the wilderness. A distinct advantage that the rooftop tent has is that owners will not have to sleep on the ground in a tent, and it could give a more authentic camping experience than the cabin mattresses.

The Model Y could be Tesla’s best camping vehicle yet, especially with the spaciousness and the sizeable glass roof that gives occupants of the car expansive views of the sky above. However, the wide range of options that are available for the Model Y’s camping experience will all provide the perfect accommodations for any owner depending on the experience that they desire.

The Kilowatts’ video on the Model Y camping is available below.

Tesla Model Y’s camping versatility makes it the ultimate outdoor machine
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