Tesla’s most searched Google terms of 2020: Stock, Net Worth, and Baby Names

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Data from Google reveals that Tesla was among the most popular automotive-related search terms in 2020. Those interested in the all-electric automaker or its well-known CEO Elon Musk searched for terms far and wide, relating to the company’s stock spike, its Coronavirus operations, its new Model Y crossover that launched in March, and its frontman’s polarizing and unique baby name.

Tesla was most popular on Google during the week of February 2nd to the 8th, and it was a week that was filled with events for the company. Most notably, the company’s stock began to surge that week, and on the 4th, it was up 114% for the year already. This was far from the end of Tesla’s stock surge, which we have covered on many occasions. Tesla rose over 700% last year and is still on its way up. In 2021, it led to Elon Musk being named the World’s Richest Person, and Tesla becoming the sixth-most valuable company on Earth, passing Facebook.

It wasn’t all good, though. Tesla also announced that its China-located stores were closing due to an illness that was sweeping across the country. Since then, that same illness has spread worldwide and ended up closing businesses, states, and even countries for at least a short period.

Tesla’s slowest week on Google was from March 29th to April 4th. Interestingly, it wasn’t a slow week in terms of news related to the Silicon Valley-based car company. Tesla beat Wall Street’s Q1 2020 delivery estimates by announcing 88,400 deliveries during the first three months of the year. Elon Musk also showed his humanitarian side by admitting Tesla would donate FDA-approved ventilators to hospitals around the world for free.

Among the most popular Tesla-related queries were dominated by Elon Musk’s newborn child, X Æ A-12, which he then revealed details about in a second interview with Joe Rogan. But the big hit for Tesla was Battery Day, as it was the second-most popular term, Google data showed.

Battery Day unveiled Tesla’s full-scale plans for a new battery cell. After it unveiled the new 4680 battery, it revealed how it would cut costs, eliminate harmful materials, and increase EV performance with an in-house cell. Ultimately, Musk says that the 4680 cells have been operational for “months.” But on a more broad scale, the cell will help Tesla obtain price parity with gas-powered cars, and could end up being the company’s key to mass-market status and EV affordability, two things that would cement Tesla as the leader of auto in general, not just electric car production.

Norway was the most heavily populated region for Tesla-related searches, followed by Denmark and the United States. Interestingly, Norway is one of the most popular EV countries in the world. Electric cars took market share from gas cars in 2020, accounting for 56% of all new cars sold in the country. Tesla is also coming off of its most successful month in Norway in December, where it sold 4,232 Model 3 units in the last month of the year. This was by far the biggest month for Tesla in Norway and would have made the Model 3 the sixth most popular EV in the country if Tesla hadn’t sold any Model 3s during the other 11 months of the year.

Moving forward, 2021 will be a year to remember for Tesla. Two new production plants are set to open this year, which could help Tesla close in on a one million vehicle a year production rate. Along with battery developments and a continuously increasing stock price, Tesla has plenty of momentum to break big stories once again in 2021.

Joey Klender: Joey has been a journalist covering electric mobility at TESLARATI since August 2019. In his time at TESLARATI, Joey has broken several big stories, including the first images of the Tesla Model S Plaid, the imminent release of the 4680 Model Y through EPA certification, and several expansions to the Lucid AMP-1 factory in Arizona, to name a few. His stories have been featured in several publications, including Yahoo! Finance, Fox News, CNET, and Seeking Alpha. In his spare time, Joey is playing golf, watching MMA, or cheering on any of his favorite sports teams, including the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles, Miami Heat, Washington Capitals, and Penn State Nittany Lions. You can get in touch with joey at joey@teslarati.com. He is also on Twitter @KlenderJoey.
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