Tesla adds Model 3 car cover as optional accessory to online store

Following our report that Tesla has begun to include Model 3 accessories to the its online store, the company has introduced a separate indoor and outdoor car cover to would-be Model 3 buyers that are interested in protecting the vehicle’s exterior paint finish.

The new stretch satin Model 3 car cover with storage bag “fits your Tesla like a glove” according to the description of the product on the company’s Shop page. Tesla indicates that the breathable car cover can be purchased in either an indoor ($300) or outdoor ($350) version. The Model 3 car cover for outdoor use is fabricated with two durable layers of woven polyester and combined with a middle layer made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane. The combination makes for “the best water resistance available today” according to Tesla.

Similar to aftermarket protective covers we’ve reviewed for Model S, Tesla’s Model 3 car cover is provisioned with a charge port opening that makes it easy to charge the vehicle while still protecting the vehicle’s paint from door dings and scratches associated with indoor storage, or hash elements from outdoor weather.

As Tesla continues to accelerate production ramp up and prepares to deliver thousands of Model 3 vehicles to new owners, expect to see a variety Model 3 accessories and new SKUs making its way into the company’s catalog.

Though most Model 3 reservation holders won’t see delivery of their vehicle for months, if not a year later, that hasn’t stopped some soon-to-be owners from purchasing their accessories early. Our very own Marco Papa tells us that he has already ordered and received the Model 3 glass roof sunshade and phone charging cable.

“Many of the model S items went quickly out of stock. And it could be months before they are back. It will be worse for Model 3. Especially the sunshade I wanted to get right away, and it was delivered in 2 days! Same for the 2 iPhone connectors. I expect it to be an items what will not be easy to get once Model 3 sale start picking up.”

Do you know of other Model 3 accessories being offered by either Tesla or aftermarket manufacturers? Whether it’s Model 3 aftermarket wheels, rear wing spoilers or keycard covers, leave us a comment and let the community know what type of accessory you’re looking forward to seeing.

Tesla adds Model 3 car cover as optional accessory to online store
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