Tesla Model 3 produced in Giga Shanghai are heading to Europe next week

(Credit: @ray4tesla)

The first batch of Gigafactory Shanghai’s China-made Model 3 is about to begin their journey to Europe. The vehicles are reportedly en route to the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium, where they will be distributed to countries such as Germany and France.

Recent reports from Chinese media have announced the shipment of thousands of Made-in-China Standard Range Plus Model 3s from Gigafactory Shanghai. As noted by Tesla owner-enthusiast @Ray4Tesla, the shipments will start next week on Tuesday, October 27.

“Destination port is Zeebrugee, Belgium. Countries of deliveries include Germany, France, Belgium, etc.,” tweeted the Tesla enthusiast. “The vehicle shipping yard is only about 9km away from Giga Shanghai.”

According to fellow Tesla enthusiast @KelvinYang, Tesla China’s global VP Grace Tao has reportedly confirmed the news. It seems that only Standard Range Plus Model 3 vehicles will be exported to Europe from Tesla’s vehicle production plant. The vehicles are also reportedly equipped with the company’s cobalt-free LFP cells.

Teslarati’s previous article about Tesla China’s Model 3 exports theorized that Giga Shanghai would ship the vehicles to Europe by train. Drone-operator Wu Wa had confirmed that Model 3s with protective wraps, which he had recorded on video, would be exported to Europe.

Tesla owner-enthusiast Armand Vervaeck suggested that the China-made Model 3s could be shipped by train to Europe due to the vehicles being fitted with protective wraps. Based on comments under Teslarati’s previous article, it seems that shipments by train would have an estimated arrival time of two weeks.

However, @Ray4Tesla’s recent tweet about Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 exports to Europe suggested that the vehicles would be arriving by sea instead. Estimates suggest that the vehicles will likely take about 30 days to reach Europe, which would mean that the Model 3s will make it in time for the company’s quarter-end delivery push.

Based on the information gathered, it’s possible that Tesla could be exporting the Model 3s to Europe by ship, then by train to other locations. Or the EV automaker could be using both modes of transportation to expedite its Model 3 deliveries coming from Giga Shanghai.

With the Model 3 now being sent to Europe, there seems to be a good chance that the Made-in-China Model Y may end up being shipped to the region from China as well. That said, Tesla China’s exports to Europe will likely taper down once Gigafactory Berlin starts producing the Model Y. Giga Berlin seems to be on schedule to begin operations on Model Y production by 2021.

Tesla Model 3 produced in Giga Shanghai are heading to Europe next week
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