Tesla Model 3 giveaway used to encourage voting in Georgian election


The Libertarian Party in the Eurasian country of Georgia is planning to give out Tesla Model 3 vehicle to encourage voters to participate in the 2020 Parliamentary Elections.

The Party, known as Girchi, stated that it would give out several Tesla Model 3 vehicles. The number of cars depends on how many votes the Girchi party receives, which will consequently provide the group with funding that will coincide with the number of votes. The more votes the Party gets, the more funding the Party will receive.

Girchi has launched a nationwide raffle to encourage all registered voters across every Party or political affiliation to vote.

According to Girchi’s website, the Party’s supporters state that the idea has two purposes: to increase voter turnout on election day, and to stage a protest against the public funding of political parties.

Girchi sees voter turnout as the key to defeating the current ruling party, which is called the “Georgian Dream.”

Zurab Girchi Japaridze, one of the leaders of the Libertarian sector, says that once the party is elected into the new Parliament, it will introduce a new bill that will abolish laws that sanction any public funding for political parties.

“We believe that each politician and political party shall be financed only by their respective supporters and voters,” Japaridze said. “Upon election into the new Parliament, Girchi will launch a bill to this effect and until it is adopted, the Party will keep purchasing Tesla cars with the public funding allocated for Girchi annually and will award them to the random voters with a raffle-ticket who prove that they have voted on 31 October 2020.”

Japaridze also added that the Tesla giveaway should appeal to the youth in the country, which could encourage younger people to become more involved in the political sector.

“We are trying to appeal specifically to the youth so that more young people become interested in the politics and take active part in shaping it for the betterment of their own future,” he said.

The mass appeal of Tesla’s electric vehicles and the company’s sustainable mission has spread all across the world. The inclusion of the Model 3 in the race for Georgia’s Parliament shows the company’s products are so appealing that they may entice people to participate in the election that their country is holding later this year.

The overall appeal of Tesla’s electric cars is becoming a worldwide sensation. It is unknown how many people will walk away from the election with a Tesla vehicle. Still, every car that goes into the hands of a voter is another step toward the ultimate goal of worldwide sustainability.

Tesla Model 3 giveaway used to encourage voting in Georgian election
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