Tesla Model 3 beats 100+ competitors to win “New Car of the Year” Award

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The Tesla Model 3 has won the United Kingdom-based automotive website AutoTrader’s 2020 New Car of the Year Award. The Model 3 sedan beat out over 100 other cars to take the award, adding to the electric vehicle’s extensive list of prizes that label it as the best car a person could buy.

AutoTrader judges each car individually with a total of 16 different criteria, including space, performance, reliability, durability, features, quality, looks, and cost, to name a few.

Based on the Model 3’s ability to outperform the other vehicles AutoTrader’s surveyed for the award, Tesla’s most affordable vehicle took first prize. However, Tesla’s mass-market sedan winning the award is more significant than another notch on the belt of the Model 3.

“It’s a measure of how fast electric vehicles are going mainstream that this overall prize goes to a brand that builds nothing but EVs,” AutoTrader said.

Tesla “has been at the forefront of driving acceptance for them while also building the infrastructure to make them viable. A tech company as much as it is a car manufacturer, Tesla has shown huge ambition, this prize confirming it’s got the broader talent to show more established manufacturers how it should be done,” the website’s writer’s added.

The Model 3 is Tesla’s most affordable vehicle, and across the world has become the most popular electric vehicle on Earth.

In 2019, more than 300,000 Model 3 sedans were sold worldwide, according to StatistaWith Tesla offering a variety of variants and configurations for every lifestyle, the Model 3 is the car that fits nearly every need of a consumer. With affordable rear-wheel-drive offerings and a fast Performance variant, and everything in between, the Model 3 is indeed the vehicle that broke Tesla into the mainstream of automotive manufacturing.

The Model 3 has continued to improve since its first deliveries in the Summer of 2017. Not only has Tesla been able to reduce the price of the sedan multiple times due to advancements in battery production and manufacturing efficiencies, but it has also been subjected to numerous software updates that allow for more range and improved performance capabilities.

The Model 3 has won numerous honors that are similar to the AutoTrader New Car of the Year award. The sedan won several awards from Parker’s Car Guides, including Car of the Year, Best Electric Car, and the Best Safety Award. Across the world, the Model 3 has been widely accepted as one of the safest and most affordable vehicles available to consumers.

Two owners of the Model 3 who were interviewed by AutoTrader indicated that the car “feels like driving the future,” and its “instant acceleration” makes the vehicle fun and easy to drive.

Watch AutoTrader’s video on the Model 3 being the Best Car of 2020 below.

Tesla Model 3 beats 100+ competitors to win “New Car of the Year” Award
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