Tesla Model 3 glass roof shows its strength by tanking a falling tree in China

Credit: JayinShanghai/Twitter

Teslas may be among the most technologically-advanced vehicles on the road, but they are also extremely tough. Despite their sleek looks, their trademark components such as their glass roofs have been proven to be extremely durable.

The Tesla Model S, for example, made headlines when it was tested by the NHTSA. During the course of the tests, the Model S’ glass roof ended up breaking the safety agency’s crush-testing machine. Since the Model S’ days, Teslas have only gotten better and safer.

This became evident in an incident in China that recently made its way through social media. The video was brief, but it showed a white Tesla Model 3 pinned down by a massive tree. The tree caught some power lines when it fell, but it was evident that a lot of its weight ended up on top of the Model 3.

Despite being crushed by the tree, the Model 3 survived the incident. Its glass roof didn’t even break, and reports from social media suggested that the driver was able to escape unharmed. This does seem to be the case as the driver’s side door of the vehicle was opened in the video.

The Tesla Model 3 has earned a five-star safety rating from the NHTSA, and it has proven its safety chops in several recent incidents. These included a Model 3 that ended up leaving the roadway at an estimated speed of 85 mph and colliding with a tree about 20 feet in the air.

The Model 3 was mangled in the incident and the aftermath of the crash was horrific. Despite this, the driver was still able to escape with only minor injuries.

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Tesla Model 3 glass roof shows its strength by tanking a falling tree in China
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