Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ spotted testing in the U.S. uncovered

Credit: Teslarati

A Tesla Model 3 “Highland” was spotted testing in the United States without any coverings, showing the front and rear bumpers, which is pretty rare.

Tesla has already launched the Model 3 Highland in Asia, Europe, and parts of the Middle East, but it has yet to be handed over to customers in the United States.

A Tesla Model 3 Highland tsunami is starting in European markets

With the changes that Tesla has made to the Model 3 with the Highland iteration, the automaker could still be awaiting EPA and NHTSA approval for the vehicle, as we are seeing on-road testing with the car. This is something we have seen with imminent vehicle releases, like the Cybertruck, for example.

This Model 3 Highland was spotted on Highway 280 in California in between San Francisco and San Jose:

The Model 3 Highland pictured here is fitted with manufacturer plates, which means this is Tesla testing the vehicle.

Additionally, it is evident that the design appears to be identical to what was launched in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Tesla has been relatively tight-lipped with when the Model 3 Highland will come to the U.S. Many timelines of when the vehicle could be launched have been speculated, with the most popular being in early 2024. Tesla has not given any indications of when it could finally come to the United States market.

During the company’s Q3 Earnings Call in October, one retail investor asked when the Model 3 Highland was expected to come to the U.S.

Tesla’s Head of Investor Relations, Martin Viecha, said:

“I just wanted to address that, unfortunately, we don’t answer product-related questions and timings on earnings call.”

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Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ spotted testing in the U.S. uncovered
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