Tesla begins Model 3+ ‘Highland’ deliveries in the Netherlands

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla has launched Model 3+ “Highland” deliveries in another European country, as drivers in the Netherlands have confirmed they have started accepting delivery of the newly-designed sedan this morning.

After Tesla launched the Model 3+ several months ago, deliveries officially began earlier this month. This ended months of speculation on when the automaker would finally hand over the newly-improved Model 3 to customers.

Deliveries had already started in other countries as early as mid-October. Countries in Europe and the Middle East have already seen several Highland Model 3 units make their way to customers. The Netherlands is now the next country to mark deliveries for the new Model 3.

Tesla updated several exterior and interior designs and features for the new Model 3, ramping up production late last month at Gigafactory Shanghai, where the car is currently produced.

The first delivery in Europe occurred in Germany, but Tesla has been spreading the new Model 3 around to various countries on the continent, including France and Poland.

However, a tsunami of Model 3 Highland deliveries is overtaking the European market as Tesla has been exporting the vehicles from China to Europe.

A Tesla Model 3 Highland tsunami is starting in European markets

The new Model 3 arrived just in time for Q4, as Tesla is working toward its lofty goal of reaching 1.8 million vehicle deliveries for 2023. With deliveries beginning in the Eastern Hemisphere already, the Model 3 Highland is sure to help bring Tesla closer to its goal for the year.

The Netherlands was one of the last countries where we saw Model 3 Highland testing going on before the vehicle was launched. A Teslarati reader sent us photographs of a Model 3 Highland driving on highways near local Tesla Service Centers and Showrooms in the Netherlands.

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Tesla begins Model 3+ ‘Highland’ deliveries in the Netherlands
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