A Tesla Model 3 Highland tsunami is starting in European markets

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It appears that Tesla’s fourth-quarter delivery numbers would be bolstered pretty well by the updated Model 3, better known in EV circles as Project Highland. Based on social media posts from electric vehicle enthusiasts, it appears that a Model 3 Highland tsunami is starting in Europe. 

The new Tesla Model 3 is so far only being produced in Gigafactory Shanghai, the company’s primary vehicle export hub. Fortunately, the facility is also Tesla’s largest factory by output, with the EV maker listing the site with an estimated annual output of over 950,000 vehicles in its Q3 2023 Update Letter. It was then no surprise to see Giga Shanghai exporting batches of new Model 3 over the past weeks. 

Some of these vehicles have arrived in Europe, at least based on reports from Tesla watchers and EV enthusiasts. Over the past days, numerous photos and videos of the new Model 3 across Europe were shared online, from first deliveries in Germany to car carrier trucks filled with the updated Model 3 units in Paris, France. 

Following are some of the posts from European EV fans featuring the upgraded Tesla Model 3. 

Tesla delivered a total of 435,059 vehicles in the third quarter, which was 6% less than the 466,140 that the company delivered in Q2 2023. Part of this decline was due to the new Model 3, which was not delivered during the third quarter. Considering that the updated Model 3 is now seeing its deliveries in Europe, Tesla may indeed have a solid shot at meeting its ambitious target of delivering around 1.8 million vehicles this 2023. 

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A Tesla Model 3 Highland tsunami is starting in European markets
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