Tesla Model 3 Performance export fleet spotted in Shanghai Southport Terminal

Credit: Wu Wa/YouTube

Tesla China seems to be busy exporting the newly-launched Model 3 Performance to foreign territories. This was hinted at in a recent flyover at the Shanghai Southport Terminal. 

The new Tesla Model 3 Performance is a notable improvement from its predecessor. As per Tesla China’s order page, the recently-launched top-tier Model 3 variant is capable of hitting 0-100 km/h in 3.1 seconds and its top speed is estimated at 261 km/h. Unlike its predecessor, it also features a unique, aggressive front fascia and rear, sports seats, and adaptive suspension, among others. 

It was then no surprise that Giga Shanghai, which produces the Model 3 Performance for both the domestic Chinese market and foreign territories, seems to have become very busy producing the vehicle. This was hinted at in footage from longtime Tesla watcher and drone operator Wu Wa from the Shanghai Southport Terminal. 

Footage taken during the Tesla watcher’s flyover showed a large export fleet of Model 3 Performance units that are reportedly bound for Europe. Car carrier trucks carrying new Tesla Model 3 Performance units were also filmed delivering vehicles to the Shanghai Southport Terminal.

The new Model 3 Performance has the potential to become quite disruptive in its class. After all, apart from its specs, the new top-tier Model 3 is priced very reasonably. In the United States, the Model 3 Performance starts at $53,990 before incentives, and Tesla China lists the vehicle with a starting price of RMB 335,900 ($46,371) before options. 

There are very few vehicles that can offer the same level of performance, comfort, utility, and tech at such a price point, electric or otherwise. At its current price, the new Model 3 Performance is closer to more affordable performance cars like the Honda Civic Type R. In comparison, the original Model 3 Performance was launched with a price of $78,000 in 2018, which was more comparable to the cost of premium performance sedans like the BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C63.

Watch a drone video of Tesla’s Model 3 Performance export fleet below. 

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Tesla Model 3 Performance export fleet spotted in Shanghai Southport Terminal
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