Uncovered new Tesla Model 3 Performance spotted in Kennedy Space Center

Credit: u/ChaddoSan/Reddit

It appears that Tesla may have brought the upgraded Model 3 Performance to the Kennedy Space Center in FL. An image of the all-electric performance car was shared on social media, to much excitement from the EV community. 

The image of the vehicle was initially posted on the r/TeslaModel3 subreddit, with member u/ChaddoSan noting that the Model 3 in the photo seemed to be some type of new performance car. As could be seen in the r/TeslaModel3 subreddit member’s post, the apparent Model 3 Performance unit was fully uncovered. It was also parked beside a truck with a NASA Kennedy Space Center logo. 

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Avid Tesla watchers quickly noticed the similarities between the uncovered Model 3 at the Kennedy Space Center and the two upgraded Model 3 Performance units that were spotted in Valencia, Spain in late February. Similar to the two fully-uncovered Model 3 Performance units in Valencia, the vehicle in the recent sighting had a more aggressive fascia and larger wheels compared to the Model 3 RWD and Model 3 Long Range units being delivered to customers today. 

A number of key details about the upcoming upgraded Model 3 Performance were revealed at last month’s Valencia, Spain, sighting. These included a dedicated “Ludicrous” badge at the rear, bucket racing seats, a larger rear diffuser, spoiler, and new aero wheels. Interestingly enough, the Model 3 at the Kennedy Space Center was equipped with non-aero wheels. 

While Tesla has not explained the presence of the upgraded Model 3 Performance at the Kennedy Space Center, it should be noted that the location is home to the storied Launch and Landing Facility (LLF), one of the longest runways in the world that measures 3.2 miles from end to end. The site has become quite popular among car enthusiasts, with vehicles like the Bugatti Chiron and the McLaren Speedtail conducting high-speed runs at the location. 

Expectations are high that the release of the upgraded Model 3 Performance is coming. Apart from fully uncovered units being spotted in the United States and abroad, industry insiders have also suggested that a North American electric vehicle manufacturer has started inviting international media to test drive its new “Ludicrous” model. 

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Uncovered new Tesla Model 3 Performance spotted in Kennedy Space Center
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