Biden Administration releases $11.2M to Virginia’s NEVI winners

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The Biden Administration released $11.295 million in federal grants to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) as part of the first round of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program. 

In 2022, the Biden Administration announced a $5 billion budget to develop the United States’ electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The budget is managed by the NEVI Formula Program. The billion-dollar budget will be provided to states to develop EV charging stations.

Teslarati was informed that the VDOT recently announced the NEVI winners during the Commonwealth Transportation Board meeting. A total of 18 NEVI winners will receive funding, including Circle K, BP, Love’s Travel Stops, Amoco, Pilot Travel Center, and Valero. The NEVI Formula Program also awarded funding to a few motels. 

Businesses in the Richmond area secured eight new EV charging stations thanks to the winners. 

“Drivers want 24-hour access to well-lit, safe, and accessible amenities when they stop to charge up. Clean restrooms, plenty of food and beverage options, and attendants that can help with charging are a must,” Charge Ahead Partnership Executive Director Jay Smith said. “We applaud VDOT for awarding several of the grants in this first round to businesses that have been serving drivers for decades and will be serving drivers for years to come, but we also encourage the state to reconsider sending funds to motels, which have none of the amenities that drivers expect.”

Based on NEVI guidance, states were directed to provide grants to applicants with sufficient space, amenities, hours, and accessibility to drivers. The NEVI Program is providing up to $106 million in fund grants to Virginia between 2022 and 2027 to help businesses build, own, and operate high-speed EV charging stations. 

“These grants will eventually dry up, so every dollar that goes to a business that is positioned to grow this investment into a sustainable operation that is not dependent on federal funds is a win for the Commonwealth,” Smith said.

In December 2023, Ohio opened the first official EV charging station that received funding from Biden’s NEVI program. EVgo built the first NEVI-funded EV charging station, installing four stalls with up to 350 kW or 175 kW when four EVs charge simultaneously.

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Biden Administration releases $11.2M to Virginia’s NEVI winners
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