Tesla nips at Porsche’s heels with Model 3 sales jump in Germany

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Tesla’s combined Model S, Model X, and Model 3 sales in Germany have put the all-electric car maker within striking distance of Porsche after only two months on the European market. Tesla’s total sales of 2,367 vehicles in March were short a mere 356 vehicles to match the sales of the German auto maker, according to monthly data published by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority.

The March 2019 sales numbers in Germany further represent a five-fold increase over Tesla’s March 2018 sales in the country, altogether a nod to Tesla’s luxury performance and energy efficiency appeal in a country known for its competitive auto market. Tesla’s numbers also topped those of other major manufacturers’ sales in Germany including Jaguar, Jeep, Honda, and Land Rover.

It should be noted, however, that Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles’ market performance remained far beyond all other car manufacturers in the country. BMW, for example, sold 25,458 vehicles in February – around ten times more than Tesla’s or Porsche’s sales number. Porsche’s March sales also dropped 9.5 percent from February, something the classic German car maker ties to changing European regulations, the decision to stop diesel car production, and changeovers in its 911 and Macan models.

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Tesla may still be ramping up its presence in the German auto market, but the all-electric car maker’s product value is already acknowledged as outweighing its competitors. The Model S was ranked highest for resale values in comparison to Germany’s best luxury sedans, according to a list published by Schwacke, a company which analyzes and ranks the approximate residual value of used motor vehicles in the German market. This valuation was mirrored in the US by Kelly Blue Book in awarding the Tesla Model 3 with its 2019 Best Resale Value Award.

Tesla has a notable lead in the electric vehicle market and has been successfully ramping up its European sales efforts over the last year. Its vehicles now represent 30% market share of all battery electric vehicles in Norway out of the near 60% that BEV’s represent in total car sales in the country.

Once the more affordable Model 3 Standard Range is launched in Europe later this year, Tesla’s sales in the region will likely see continued growth. Porsche, in the meantime, has continued its development of the all-electric Taycan set for reveal and production in September, a move which may keep Tesla on its toes for market share.

Tesla nips at Porsche’s heels with Model 3 sales jump in Germany
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