Tesla Model Y becomes Europe’s top-selling car in September

Credit: Tesla Asia/Twitter

The Tesla Model Y may not be as quick as the Model S and Model X or as nimble around the track as the Model 3, but it does offer a good balance between cost, features, performance, and tech. It is this combination that has allowed the Model Y to become Tesla’s best-selling vehicle today. And during Q1 this year, the Model Y actually became the world’s best-selling car, period. 

The Model Y’s momentum is still going strong in Europe. As per reports, the all-electric crossover is positioned to finish September as Europe’s top-selling vehicle, electric or otherwise. With this, the Model Y has earned the title for the sixth time in nine months, as noted in an Automotive News Europe report. 

What is quite interesting is that the Model Y was able to achieve this feat despite the vehicle seeing a decline in sales. As per preliminary figures from market research firm Dataforce, the demand for the Model Y crossover slipped 8.4% to 26,370. In a way, the fact that the Model Y still became Europe’s best-selling vehicle in September despite a sales slowdown speaks of the vehicle’s strength in the market. 

The Tesla Model Y may be the company’s most popular vehicle, but the company is not sitting on its laurels. This became quite evident in Gigafactory Shanghai, which recently rolled out a minor update to the Tesla Model Y that introduced new wheels, a new dash, and ambient lights to the all-electric crossover. 

Speculations are high, however, that Tesla is also developing “Project Juniper,” which is reportedly the Model Y equivalent of the Model 3’s Highland update. Previous reports have suggested that Project Juniper would be rolled out sometime next year. 

Considering the popularity of the Model Y, it is no surprise that it is the vehicle that is currently being produced in multiple countries. To date, the Model Y is being produced at the Fremont Factory, Gigafactory Texas, Gigafactory Shanghai, and Gigafactory Berlin. Giga Beriln’s deployment and Model Y production ramp has been helping the company meet the vehicle’s demand in Europe.

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Tesla Model Y becomes Europe’s top-selling car in September
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