Tesla hacker finds references to special seats for new Model 3 Performance

Credit: Esther Kokkelman/X and @greentheonly/X

Recent observations from a prolific Tesla hacker have suggested that the new Model 3 Performance would feature different seats compared to its Rear Wheel Drive and Dual Motor AWD siblings. This time around, it appears that the Model 3 Performance would have seats that are worthy of the vehicle’s performance. 

Initial graphics depicting the apparent new seats were shared by veteran Tesla hacker @greentheonly on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. As noted by the Tesla hacker, the refreshed Model 3 would have two seat variants: Base and Sport. The latter, which would most likely be used for the upcoming Model 3 Performance, will feature different front seats with bolstered side supports and headrests. 

The new Model 3 Performance would definitely benefit from better seats. Inasmuch as the vehicle earned a lot of stellar reviews over the years, automotive publications such as What Car? have observed that drivers of the Model 3 Performance could find themselves sliding out of their seats when attacking fast corners during spirited driving sessions. With better seats, such issues would likely be completely addressed. 

The anticipation surrounding the new Model 3 Performance is notable. When the upgraded Tesla Model 3 was launched, electric vehicle enthusiasts immediately noticed that the all-electric sedan’s top-tier variant was absent. At the time, it appeared that the Model 3 Performance was in a limbo of sorts, thanks in no small part to Tesla’s silence on the vehicle.

But while it seemed that the Model 3 Performance has been partly forgotten by the EV maker, there have been signs that the all-electric performance car would be making a comeback. Tesla’s Parts Catalog, for one, briefly included images that referenced new sports brakes, suspension, and new wheels for the upgraded Model 3. 

The Parts Catalog even included a graphic that showed a special badge on the new Model 3’s rear. Observations from the EV community suggested that the badge looked quite a bit like the Ludicrous Mode graphic that was featured by Tesla in past vehicles like the Model S P100D. The Model 3 Performance is already Tesla’s most fun car in the track thanks to its relatively compact size and dedicated Track Mode. But with Ludicrous Mode, the Model Performance would be even more special. 

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Tesla hacker finds references to special seats for new Model 3 Performance
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