Tesla Model Y Highland-inspired “Juniper” upgrade imagined — and it looks awesome

Credit: @LaMianDesign/X

Earlier this year, reports emerged suggesting that Tesla is not only looking to upgrade the Model 3. The Model Y will eventually see a similar upgrade as well. And while the Model 3 had Project Highland, the Model Y’s upgrade is reportedly called “Project Juniper.”

What is quite interesting about the Model 3 and Model Y is the fact that the two vehicles are actually very similar. So similar, in fact, that Tesla skeptics and short-sellers actually claimed that Tesla did not unveil a Model Y at all but rather just raised the suspension on a Model 3 to pass it off as a crossover. It was a silly claim, but the vehicles were so similar that Tesla critics actually ran with the narrative for some time.

The similarities between the Model 3 and Model Y are evident. They share numerous parts and design cues, both in their interior and exterior. Thus, when the Model 3 Highland was unveiled last week, Tesla enthusiasts also received some solid direction as to what the Model Y Juniper would look like. 

Some of these concepts have been shared on social media platforms such as X. A number of them, which were posted by concept artist @LaMianDesign, looked extremely plausible due to their balanced look and evident Model 3 Highland cues. This could be seen in the concept images’ Highland-inspired headlights, tail lights, and fascia, among others.

The concept images were received warmly by electric vehicle enthusiasts, with many noting that if the Model Y’s Juniper upgrade does result in such a vehicle being released, then the all-electric crossover would definitely maintain its place as one of the world’s highest-selling cars. If the concept images are any indication, Model 3 Highland-inspired cues definitely make the Model Y look sleek and attractive. 

The Model Y is Tesla’s most understated car. It’s very minimalist compared to the Model S and Model X, and it does not have the sporty silhouette of the Model 3. It’s also the slowest car in Tesla’s lineup. Despite these, the Model Y is a well-balanced all-electric crossover that strikes a great balance between performance and utility. And when these characteristics are wrapped in a package that’s offered at a reasonable price, one could create a best-selling vehicle. 

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Tesla Model Y Highland-inspired “Juniper” upgrade imagined — and it looks awesome
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