Tesla launches Model 3 Highland refresh in select European countries

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla updated most of its configurators in Europe, making the new Model 3 refresh from Project Highland available in select European countries. 

The refresh Model 3 is available in most European Union (EU) countries, including Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and other EU countries. 

The Tesla Model 3 Highland edition is also available in European countries not part of the EU, like Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway. Interestingly enough, Tesla’s page for Great Britain and Northern Ireland—which is part of the United Kingdom—has not been updated. So, the Model 3 refresh is unavailable in the United Kingdom as of this writing. 

Based on Tesla Germany’s configurator, the RWD and Dual-Motor AWD variants of the Model 3 refresh are available for preorder in select European countries. Tesla China only offers the Model 3 Highland edition in RWD and Dual-Motor AWD.

The RWD version starts at €42,990 ($46,649.31), while the Dual-Motor AWD Model 3 refresh costs €51,990 ($56,415.39) before options. The new Model 3 Highland edition in China costs $35,809.26 for the RWD variants and $40,769.37 for the Dual-Motor AWD. 

The RWD Model 3 refresh’s estimated range is 513 km (about 319 miles) based on Europe’s WLTP standard. In China, the RWD variant has an estimated range of 373 miles based on China’s CLTC estimates. The Dual-Motor AWD Model 3 Highland edition has an estimated WLTP range of 629 km or around 391 miles. Tesla China states that the Dual-Motor AWD Model 3 refresh has an CLTC estimated range of 424 miles. 

Based on information from Tesla’s configurators in European countries, the refresh Model 3’s range increased. In the United Kingdom, where Tesla hasn’t launched the Highland edition yet, the Model 3’s ranges for the RWD and Dual-Motor AWD variants are 305 miles and 374 miles, respectively. Compared to the new Model 3’s ranges listed on Tesla Germany’s configurators, the company increased the range of the all-electric sedan by about 4.5% to 4.7%. 

Tesla Germany’s configurator also provides CO2 information for the Model 3 refresh. It states that the RWD variant weighs 1,765 kg with a power consumption of 13.kWh per 100 km (62 miles). Meanwhile, the Dual-Motor AWD version or the Long Range Model 3 refresh weighs 1,828 kg and has a power consumption of 14 kWh per 100 km (62 miles.)

In Europe, Tesla offers the Pearl White Multi-Coat paint option for free with every Model 3 refresh purchase. Tesla China offers the pure black paint option for free. Tesla provides the 18” Photon rims with every Model 3 Highland edition purchase in Europe. The 19” Nova rims cost an extra €1,700 ($1,844.70).

The Tesla Model 3 refresh has estimated delivery dates in Europe between October and November 2023. Tesla Model 3 refresh deliveries in China are estimated to start by Q4.

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Tesla launches Model 3 Highland refresh in select European countries
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