Tesla mobile app view Model Y body (Credit: matt687 via Reddit)

Tesla Model Y images discovered in latest mobile app update

Tesla Model Y images have been discovered in the latest version of the company’s Android mobile app.

Images of Model Y’s body, 19″ Gemini wheels with and without wheel covers, and an overhead view of the all-electric crossover’s expansive all-glass roof have been added to the latest version 3.10.4-396 Tesla Mobile app (for Android) ahead of customer deliveries.

Redditor matt687 who shared the latest findings to the Teslamotors subreddit, notes that they were able to discover the Model Y app resources after decompiling the Android package (APK) for the latest mobile app and compared it to a previous version of the app. Nothing stood out between the older and newer release of Tesla’s Android app, with features remaining the same, except the addition of the Model Y images.

Notable in the image showing the trunk of the Model Y is the appearance of a cargo shelf.


The latest finding makes sense from a timing perspective, especially as Tesla gears up to make its first Model Y customer deliveries beginning March 15.

The new app resources of Tesla Model Y suggests that owners will have the same mobile app functionality as made available for its entire fleet, including Model S, Model X, and Model 3. Tesla Model Y owners will have the ability to control in-cabin temperatures directly from the mobile app. Presumably, and unlike its closest sibling, Model 3, owners will also be able to control rear heated seats.

In addition, Tesla’s mobile app allows owners to open both front trunk (frunk) and rear trunk, remote start a vehicle with keyless driving, set maximum speed limits for the car, among other a host of other safety and convenience features like Smart Summon.

Tesla Model Y images discovered in latest mobile app update
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