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Tesla files to expand Model Y production lines at Fremont factory

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Tesla plans to expand Model Y production lines at its Fremont factory in Northern California, filings submitted to the City of Fremont reveal.

The Model Y is Tesla’s newest available vehicle and also the company’s most popular car in several markets, including the United States. The all-electric crossover is produced at the Fremont factory in Northern California on production lines known as General Assembly (GA) 4.5 and has been since February 2020. Tesla installed the GA 4.5 line just outside the Fremont plant’s main facility in a Sprung structure which was also the home to some Model 3 production since February 2020.

In February, Tesla officially filed to have the spring structure made permanent by filing with the City of Fremont to add a 64,000 square foot expansion to the factory. In July, Tesla officially started making GA 4.5 a permanent part of the company’s production facility by adding underground sewer connections for plumbing and creating foundational work for the spring structure to sit on.

Tesla’s project to make GA 4.5 permanent at Fremont is underway

Now that the GA 4.5 lines are permanently installed in the factory, it appears that Tesla is attempting to expand the production capacity of these lines specifically. New filings from the City of Fremont reveal Tesla has filed for “4.5 Expansion,” along with several other filings, including “GA4.5 South Expansion Shell & Utilities,” and “GA4.5 Battery Marriage Tool Improvement.”

Tesla has been making tremendous strides toward improving GA 4.5, especially as demand for the company’s vehicles has increased over the past few years. Tesla is currently struggling with keeping up with demand because it has just one operational plant in North America. Tesla has been able to avert production stoppages from semiconductor shortages by developing its own microcontrollers in-house. However, demand has pushed the projected delivery of some vehicles back to 2022.

According to the company’s most recent Shareholder Deck, the Fremont factory currently produces 500,000 Model 3 and Model Y units per year. Because the two vehicles are Tesla’s most popular products, the company is working on expanding the production capacity to keep up with growing demand. Tesla will soon have assistance with Model Y production for North America as Giga Texas will begin manufacturing the all-electric crossover later this year. Additionally, Tesla’s global production rate of the Y will expand once again later this year when production at Giga Berlin, the company’s first European production facility, begins.

Tesla has continued to dominate the EV market across the globe, and the Model Y is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, contributors to the cause. Expanding the manufacturing efforts of the Model Y is in Tesla’s best interest as it continues to battle through parts shortages and increasing demand for its vehicles.

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Tesla files to expand Model Y production lines at Fremont factory
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