Tesla’s project to make GA 4.5 permanent at Fremont is underway

A snapshot from a drone flyover of the Tesla Fremont factory on June 29, 2018. [Credit: DarkSoldier 360/YouTube]

Tesla’s project to make General Assembly line 4.5 (GA 4.5) permanent at the Fremont Factory in Northern California is now underway.

In February, Teslarati reported that Tesla was planning to make GA 4.5 permanent. The project would expand the Fremont Factory by 64,000 square feet.

GA 4.5 is a tent or spring structure located just outside the Fremont Factory’s main facility. According to City of Fremont filings, it has been the location of Model Y production since February 2020, when the tent was initially erected. The structure was not supposed to be permanent, but Tesla has made it abundantly clear that this will be a long-standing part of the Fremont production efforts for the company. The February filings indicated that Tesla would attempt to add underground utilities like plumbing and electrical work, meaning the spring structure was undergoing foundational work. Effectively, the tent is going nowhere, and it will be the site of Tesla’s growing manufacturing efforts for years to come.

Credit: Ryan Ferrin | YouTube

Now that Fremont’s government has approved the project, Tesla has already gone ahead and completed some of the project. According to new documents from the City of Fremont, Tesla has “added underground sanitary sewer extension from civil point of connection.”

The filing is listed as BLD2021-05126-001, the City of Fremont’s website says.

Tesla has expanded its production capacity several times over the past few years, thanks to the introduction of new vehicles to its lineup. Additionally, the company’s vehicles are among the most popular in the EV sector, and Tesla has continued to expand its market through a wider array of vehicle styles. Because of the increased demand that the company has faced, Tesla has already started constructing more production facilities, both in the United States and internationally. However, the Fremont factory has needed to expand due to increased demand, and Tesla is taking nearly every inch of land at Fremont and making it a part of the manufacturing process.

As Tesla moves closer to the initial production dates of the Giga Texas and Giga Berlin facilities, there is no shying away from the fact that Fremont is still an integral part of the company’s production. The plant is the only facility in Tesla’s lineup that manufactures the Model S and Model X. The facility will also handle the Western half of the United States with Model 3 and Model Y builds, as Giga Texas will be responsible for the Eastern portion of the country.

In 2020, Tesla expanded the Model Y production lines to make way for the IDRA Giga Press. This was filed in July 2020, and the Giga Press is now operational at the facility and is building single-piece rear castings for the Model Y crossover. Tesla attempted to expand GA 4.5 in April 2020. This project was delayed as TEsla had to solve issues with stormwater drainage before the project was approved.

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Tesla’s project to make GA 4.5 permanent at Fremont is underway
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