Tesla Model Y now qualifies for major EV subsidy program in the Netherlands

Credit: Tesla Europe/Twitter

The Tesla Model Y now qualifies for a major electric vehicle (EV) subsidy program in the Netherlands.

Tesla said the Model Y now starts at €44,990 in the Netherlands, qualifying it for the SEPP, or Subsidy Scheme for Electric Passenger Cars for Private Individuals.

SEPP has been active in the Netherlands for several years and has offered residents in the country an opportunity to save as much as €4,000 on an EV when the program was first offered in 2020. In 2023, the SEPP program can save €2,950 off the price of a new EV or €2,000 off of a used one.

Tesla said late last week that the vehicle now starts at €44,990, which comes in just under the €45,000 threshold that would qualify a vehicle for the SEPP incentive.

For the subsidy to be granted, the EV on the date of signing the purchase agreement must not be lower than €12,000 and not higher than €45,000, the country’s regulatory body said on its website that outlines the terms of the program.

Tesla also describes the subsidy on its Design Studio for the Netherlands:

“You must apply for the Subsidy Scheme for Electric Passenger Cars for Private Individuals (SEPP) yourself from the RVO. The subsidy amount is paid directly to you by the RVO. For the conditions and procedure, we would like to refer you to the government website. No rights can be derived from the amounts stated. The subsidy applies up to a maximum vehicle value of €45,000. Options can affect the vehicle value.”

Tesla, along with many other automakers, has used incentive programs in various countries to help it surge sales of its EVs by offering discounts that are available for new energy vehicles.

With so many countries in the world moving toward their climate goals with the help of zero-emission passenger cars, millions upon millions of government dollars have been set aside to assist with these programs.

For 2023, the SEPP program has €67,000,000 set aside for new EV subsidies and €32,400,000 for used EVs.

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Tesla Model Y now qualifies for major EV subsidy program in the Netherlands
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