Tesla Model Y goes up for grabs in new climate action raffle

The Tesla Model Y crossover. (Credit: Tesla)

There is something extra special about being one of the first owners of a vehicle that has the potential to change the auto industry as we know it. The Tesla Model Y is such a vehicle, and you can be one of the first owners of this all-electric crossover thanks to an initiative by a leading voice in the ongoing and escalating fight against climate change.

The CCAN Action Fund is a nonprofit created to inspire climate-friendly changes in public policy at the local, state, and national levels to directly address the ever-prevalent threat of global warming. The group’s activities span several programs, from voter education, lobbying, and direct participation in the electoral process.

Among the issues that concern the nonprofit is the electrification of the transportation sector. Cars, trucks, and other forms of transport account for almost 30% of the United States’ climate pollution. Thus, electric vehicles like Teslas, which only get cleaner over time, contribute to lowering the overall emissions of the transportation sector. For the CCNA Action Fund, it only makes sense to hold a fundraising raffle and give away one of the most highly-anticipated all-electric cars today: the Tesla Model Y.

Support climate change and enter in a chance to win a Tesla Model Y via CCAN Action Fund, the advocacy arm of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Following last year’s fundraising success, helped by the Tesla community’s efforts to raffle off a new Tesla Model 3, the CCAN Action Fund is back this year looking to raise another round in its fight against climate change.

In partnership with Teslarati, CCAN supporters have a chance to take home a rare Tesla Model Y Dual Motor AWD! Winners of the raffle will have the option to customize their Model Y according to their preference, with the nonprofit allotting its prize money for the purchase of a Dual Motor AWD vehicle with 19″ Gemini Wheels, all-black interior, and blue, silver, black, or white paint. CCAN will also cover the federal tax payments associated with the prize.

Credit: Teslarati

The Tesla Model Y Dual Motor AWD is expected to be one of the most important electric cars that will be released in recent years. Priced aggressively like its Model 3 sedan sibling and equipped with bleeding-edge tech and a range of 315 miles per charge, the Model Y has the potential to disrupt the crossover industry, which just happens to be one of the market’s fastest-growing segments today. Based on sightings from the Tesla community, Model Y deliveries are likely to start very soon.

Tickets for the CCAN Action Fund’s Tesla Model Y raffle are worth $100 each, and only 3,000 will be allocated before being sold out. Because this is a fundraising effort for climate action, the Tesla Model Y will be raffled off regardless of the number of tickets sold, making the odds of winning anywhere from an incredible 1 in hundreds chance of winning to an amazing 1 in 3000 chance.  

The Tesla Model Y drawing will be held on May 1, 2020 at 4:54 EST, regardless of the number of tickets that are purchased.

Interested participants in the CCAN Action Fund’s Tesla Model Y raffle could click here.

Some of our teammates have been friends with members of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network over the past few years. In support of their cause and through a sponsorship with their climate action fund, Teslarati has been helping our friends raise much-needed funds that will help their mission to institute climate policies with local governments. 

Please consider helping. Entering in a raffle with amazing odds to take home a Tesla Model Y doesn’t hurt either 🙂

Tesla Model Y goes up for grabs in new climate action raffle
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