Tesla NACS coming to Blink Charging product lineup

(Credit: Blink Charging)

Tesla NACS gains another supporter through Blink Charging. The electric vehicle (EV) charging provider announced it would incorporate Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) and the Combined Charging System into its product lineup. 

Tesla NACS will be incorporated in Blink Charging’s 240 kW DC Fast Charger. The EV charging service provider plans to eventually make all of its products compatible with Tesla NACS. 

“At the EVS36 Symposium earlier this month, we announced the integration of NACS connectors into our new 240kW DC Fast Charger. Since this exciting announcement, we have diligently advanced the integration of NACS connectors across our entire Blink charger product line,” said Blink Charging President and Chief Executive Officer Brendan Jones. 

“Our goal is to lead, innovate, and adapt as the industry continues its aggressive path towards zero emissions vehicle adoption. Blink supports all OEMs and will ensure we have NACS chargers to meet the needs of GM, Ford, Rivian, and Volvo customers,” commented Jones. 

Blink Charging isn’t wasting any time and plans to start producing Tesla NACS DCFC chargers by October 2023. The company will also offer Tesla NACS compatibility in its Level 2 (L2) chargers. Jones explained that Blink’s engineering team has already “successfully demonstrated the swift integration of [Tesla] NACS connectors” with its L2 chargers. Blink Charging plans to release Tesla NACS and 1772 dual units by early 2024. The Bowie, MD manufacturing facility will release the new units with Tesla NACS compatibility. 

With the recent adoption of Tesla NACS by big names in the auto industry, like Ford and General Motors, many EV charging providers have decided to incorporate the North American Charging Standard into their products. Texas has already mandated that EV providers provide Tesla NACS and CCS ports in their charging stalls. Washington State is considering a mandate for Tesla NACS as well. 

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Tesla NACS coming to Blink Charging product lineup
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