Tesla Cybertruck sightings are so frequent today, but the truck still looks like it’s CGI

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It’s becoming more and more evident that the Tesla Cybertruck is about to enter production. Sightings of the upcoming all-electric pickup truck are increasing in frequency, so one would think that the vehicle would now look pretty familiar when it’s spotted on the road. This is not really the case, however, as the Cybertruck still looks as unreal today as it did when it was unveiled in November 2019. 

Recent reports have suggested that Tesla is now preparing some of its staff at Gigafactory Texas for the Cybertruck’s initial production, with the facility moving to a two-shift system from its previous swing shifts. Giga Texas workers who were part of the swing shifts for the Model Y line would reportedly be assigned to the Cybertruck’s production lines to finalize testing and calibration. 

Amidst these updates, social media users have been posting sightings of the all-electric truck on real-world roads. Some sightings featured an updated prototype with a bare metal finish, while others featured the all-electric pickup truck sporting a camouflage wrap. Regardless of its setup, however, the Cybertruck still looks almost out of place when it’s seen moving around other cars on the road. 

This was something that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has mentioned over the years. Musk has always referred to the all-electric pickup truck as something akin to CGI in real life. Such a description definitely fits the Cybertruck units that are being sighted across the United States today. 

Perhaps it is the Cybertruck’s unique silhouette, which is definitely unlike anything else that’s on the road today, or perhaps it’s the fact that it looks like movie prop that’s just driving around normal roads. Either way, the fact that the Cybertruck still looks pretty much like a vehicle that’s right in the uncanny valley for cars.

And while the Cybertruck will always fall in the category of weird-looking vehicles, such a description could work in its favor. Unique cars always have a cool factor, and that cool factor is what would help the all-electric pickup truck have a pretty strong consumer base. 

It definitely has the specs and features to become a compelling contender in the pickup truck market, such as a generous 100 cu ft of storage, a 6.5-foot bed, a 14,000-lb towing capacity, and a tri-motor setup that allows it to travel from 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds. 

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Tesla Cybertruck sightings are so frequent today, but the truck still looks like it’s CGI
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