Tesla next-gen car: Elon Musk confirms two new EVs that can hit 5M per year

Credit: Tesla

During the 2023 Cyber Roundup (Annual Shareholder Meeting), CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla is developing two new vehicles that would be produced at a scale far beyond what the company could achieve today. A silhouette of one of these vehicles was also shared during Musk’s presentation.

Considering Tesla’s goal of achieving an output of 20 million vehicles per year, expectations were high that the electric vehicle maker would be releasing new products that could be produced at higher volumes than the Model 3 and Model Y, the company’s two mass-market cars. Tesla teased these vehicles during the 2023 Investor Day presentation, one of which appears to be shaped like a van and another like a small car.

A silhouette of what could very well be Tesla’s small car was shown during Musk’s talk at the 2023 Annual Shareholder Meeting. Musk did not provide any details about the vehicle, but based on its shape, it does appear to feature a classic Tesla design. Previous reports from China suggested that Tesla’s next-gen car would be a smaller Model Y, an image that seems to align with the teaser.

Musk noted that Tesla is actually developing two high-volume cars. In typical Musk fashion, the CEO noted that the two vehicles would feature manufacturing techniques that surpass the competition. He estimated that the two vehicles alone would likely achieve about 5 million units per year.

“I just want to emphasize that we are actually building a new product. We are actually designing a new product. We’re not sitting on our hands here. There are two new products I think you will be excited about; both the design and manufacturing techniques are head and shoulders above anything present in the industry… Just these two products alone — and this is Elon’s guess — will make in excess of five million units per year combined,” Musk said.

While Tesla’s next-gen car has always been speculated to be a compact vehicle, the other EV that Musk teased is extremely interesting. Based on the image posted by the company during the 2023 Investor Day event, the other yet-to-be-released vehicle would be larger than a compact car, perhaps even large enough to be a van. This is quite exciting considering Musk’s previous comments about a Tesla van. According to the CEO, Tesla would be building a “Robo Van” that would be highly configurable. He also previously hinted that the vehicle would be larger than a Model X.

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Tesla next-gen car: Elon Musk confirms two new EVs that can hit 5M per year
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