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Tesla owner’s manuals outside North America hint at FSD beta rollout

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Tesla has begun including Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta information in some of its newer owner’s manuals across Europe, China and Australia, further suggesting that the automaker may be inching toward a release of the system beyond North America.

The FSD beta was spotted being tested in Australia and Europe by just a few vehicles earlier this year, and Tesla has been ramping up hiring for the system in China in the past few months. In addition, China debuted a smart expressway for self-driving last month, designed for the use of up to Level 4 driving automation.

On Saturday, Tesla software observer Teslascope pointed out that the automaker has been hinting at the deployment of its FSD beta beyond North America, as details about the software can now be found in newer vehicle manuals from the company in Europe, China, Australia and elsewhere.

Although Tesla has been testing the software outside of North America for years, Teslascope notes that the FSD beta will still require regulatory approval in many countries, even as U.S. officials continue to navigate how to create a regulatory framework around self-driving software.

Credit: Tesla | Model 3 Owner’s Manual in Europe

It’s still not clear when Tesla will be rolling the FSD beta out publicly in these regions, though the addition of the system to its owner’s manuals is definitely not a bad thing.

Other sources have also claimed that Tesla’s FSD beta is set to enter the Chinese market, adding that the company is just waiting to announce the news.

In each of the owner’s manuals, Tesla notes that “Depending on market region, vehicle configuration, options purchased, and software version, your vehicle may not be equipped with Full Self Driving (Beta) (also referred to as Autosteer on City Streets), or the feature may not operate exactly as described.”

The automaker also details plans to roll the feature out to customers beyond North America gradually, as can be seen below from the manuals.

“As Full Self-Driving (Beta) deployment expands, Tesla will gradually make it available to eligible customers in select countries outside of the United States and Canada,” the automaker writes.

“Because every country contains unique infrastructure, driving behaviors, and traffic patterns that Full Self-Driving (Beta) must adapt to over time, it is essential for drivers using Full Self-Driving (Beta) in newly eligible countries to be extra attentive and overly cautious. You must be ready to take over safely at any time.”

The company also notes that its FSD beta is a “hands-on feature that requires you to pay attention to the road at all times,” rather than offering higher levels of automation that would allow the driver to stop monitoring road conditions.

Last month, Tesla’s FSD beta program reached half a billion cumulative miles driven, ahead of the company’s release of the system’s version 12 in North America, which reportedly will no longer be a beta, according to CEO Elon Musk. It’s not clear exactly when the release will take place, though it’s expected to come soon.

In what seemed to be a joke tinged with self-awareness around Tesla’s failure to stick to rollout deadlines and his many prior claims that software would be released in just two weeks, Musk last week said customers might be able to try out FSD version 12 in “about 2 weeks.”

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Tesla owner’s manuals outside North America hint at FSD beta rollout
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