Tesla FSD Beta released in Europe and Australia

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Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta is reportedly coming out in Europe and Australia to a few testers. 

Teslascope revealed that FSD Beta rolled out in at least two cars in Europe. A Model S P 100D with 3.0 hardware received update 2023.12.9 in Belgium. Meanwhile in Germany, a Model S Plaid with 3.0 hardware received the same FSD Beta version as the P 100D. A Model 3 Standard Range in Australia also received FSD Beta v. 2023.12.5 recently.

Although there are only two vehicles in Europe and one in Australia, the news of FSD Beta reaching cars outside North America is hopeful. Last year, Elon Musk estimated that FSD Beta would be available for Europe’s left-hand drive markets by Summer 2022. Unfortunately, Musk’s estimate did not come to pass.

However, earlier this year, Tesla published job listings that teased it was ramping up development on advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) in Europe. The company listed jobs in Switzerland, Finland, and Denmark for an ADAS Test Operator, who would be “responsible to identify [sic] improvements and regressions across software iterations.” 

At the last General Shareholders Meeting, Elon Musk iterated that Tesla would achieve full autonomy soon. He estimated—albeit reluctantly—that Tesla could reach full autonomy with FSD Beta by the end of 2023. FSD Beta is much more advanced than ever, so Musk’s prediction has better footing now. 

This past week, Tesla rolled out Full Self-Driving Beta to new testers, expanding its pool of drivers testing its advanced driver assist system. Musk hinted that v. 11.4.2 might be rolling out soon, and it would address excess “conservatism with narrow roads & [sic] with lane changes in heavy traffic.”

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Tesla FSD Beta released in Europe and Australia
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