Tesla reduces Supercharger rates in Germany

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla owners in Germany have reported a welcome change in their Supercharging rates. As per local reports, the charging rates for Tesla’s Supercharger network in Germany have seen a notable reduction, effectively making the system more competitive than before. 

Over the past year, the prices of both Tesla’s electric cars and Supercharger rates have seen a steady increase. In September alone, Supercharger rates in Germany reportedly increased by about 20%, up to 71 Eurocents per kWh. Another price increase in mid-October brought the prices of the Supercharger Network even higher. 

As per recent reports from Tesla owners in local forums, however, Supercharger prices have recently seen a turnaround. Industry publication TeslaMag noted that Supercharger prices in several areas in Germany had been adjusted to just about 47 to 61 Eurocents per kWh. Tesla owners from Germany have also shared screenshots of the updated Supercharger prices on social media.

This is a welcome change, and it puts the cost of Tesla’s rapid charging network just above the prices of EnBW, a major competitor which charges about 55 Eurocents per kWh for direct charging without a subscription. With a subscription, EnBW charges a far more modest 46 Eurocents per kWh, on top of a monthly payment of 6 euros. 

Tesla’s Supercharger Network is considered one of the electric vehicle maker’s most notable advantages in the EV sector. In select countries like Germany, Tesla has opened the use of its Supercharger Network to non-Tesla vehicles for a fee. Tests of the system have shown that the Supercharger Network performs well even if it’s charging non-Tesla vehicles. 

Apart from Germany, Tesla’s open Supercharger program has been launched in France, The Netherlands, Norway, the UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Iceland, and Italy to date. Non-Tesla owners who wish to use the Supercharger Network have the option to pay a monthly subscription of 12.99 euros so they can be charged at the same rate as Tesla vehicles.

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Tesla reduces Supercharger rates in Germany
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