Tesla’s next Software Update will make Supercharger visits more predictable

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Tesla’s next software update, Version 2023.38, will make Supercharger visits much more predictable.

Tesla has already started releasing 2023.38 to some owners, and one of the features it has added is Predictive Supercharger Availability.

The feature aims to use data to predict how many Superchargers might be available at a station when you’re on your way to it.

Although Tesla already has live data for Superchargers, which tells you how many stalls are available out of how many there are at a specific station, this new feature aims to predict how many will be available when you get there instead of how many are available in real-time.

Tesla Supercharger visits just got easier thanks to a new app update

Not a Tesla App first discovered the feature.

It seems Tesla is taking Supercharger availability a step further by helping owners and drivers have statistically-backed and data-driven predictions on how many stalls might be open to you when you arrive.

If you’re taking a road trip and your next Supercharger stop is a couple hundred miles away, there are obviously going to be some changes in how many stalls are available now compared to when you arrive.

A Move Likely Inspired by NACS Adoption

With more automakers choosing to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard, or NACS connector, the need for availability predictors is more relevant than ever. Even though Tesla continues to build more Supercharger stalls every day, there is absolutely a need for more predictive measures as more cars will have access to the stalls.

In the Spring, Ford and General Motors will gain access to 12,000 North American Tesla Supercharger locations. As these two automakers are popular in terms of legacy automakers to adopt Tesla’s NACS connector, Superchargers are going to be more packed and busier than ever.

Tesla to open 12,000 Superchargers to Ford across U.S. and Canada

Not to mention, automakers, including Rivian, Fisker, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, and several others, will also gain access to the Tesla Supercharger Network.

It is important to continue refining Supercharger availability features, giving those who are in need of EV charging an opportunity to prepare for a wait, or perhaps continue traveling on to a less congested Supercharger location.

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Tesla’s next Software Update will make Supercharger visits more predictable
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