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Tesla Supercharger visits just got easier thanks to a new app update

Credit: Tesla

Tesla just made Supercharger visits easier thanks to a new app update, which now displays wait times in real-time, as well as pricing.

Tesla is the country’s best-selling electric car company, and it is not a super close competition. Because of this, Superchargers in some areas where Tesla vehicles are more popular than others, like California, for example, could be more saturated with customers.

Additionally, Tesla recently added the capability for non-Tesla EVs to charge at select Supercharger locations, potentially adding more congestion to those locations.

While it is not a widespread effort as of yet, Superchargers in California and New York have been fitted with the “Magic Dock” that makes it possible for non-Tesla owners to use the charging network.

To make things easier for owners, Tesla is giving them the ability to see Supercharger wait times in real-time, adding to the already included feature of the number of stalls that are available, according to Not A Tesla App.

The additional feature allows owners to choose a Supercharger location that could be more suitable for them if they’re in a rush or a time crunch. Previously, Supercharger availability by vacant stalls was displayed, but it didn’t necessarily include any sort of information on when the next pile would be open for use.

To add even more color to the app, making things easier for owners, it is now displaying the current price per kWh. This varies depending on the time of day, as Tesla encourages people to charge during non-peak hours by offering cheaper prices.

tesla supercharger app prices

Credit: Tesla

Tesla will undoubtedly win over some more customer loyalty with this feature as it continues to refine the app with numerous updates recently that have increased ease of access. However, the Supercharger functions added to the most recent update are great new features because of the increased congestion at Tesla chargers.

Tesla has also continued to expand its Supercharger network through a consistent expansion of stations and stalls. Last year alone, Tesla expanded its number of supercharger stations by 35 percent, growing to 4,678 from 3,476.

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Tesla Supercharger visits just got easier thanks to a new app update
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