Tesla Semi helps install prefab Superchargers at Laguna Seca

The Tesla Semi is expected to start limited production next year, as per previous comments by CEO Elon Musk. But even before the Class 8 all-electric truck enters production, the vehicle is already being used by the company to help in some of its projects. 

In a recently uploaded video, for example, Tesla showcased how the updated Semi prototype was used to transport a number of prefabricated Superchargers to Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca. The truck was featured heavily in the short video, as it was shown carrying several Supercharger boxes in a trailer. 

The addition of Superchargers at Laguna Seca would likely be appreciated by Tesla owners. Over the years and with the introduction of the Model 3 and its dedicated Track Mode, the community of electric vehicle owners who are fond of racing their cars on the track has only grown. This is evident with events such as Tesla Corsa, which have become popular over the years. 

Since track driving drains batteries quickly, having Superchargers in Laguna Seca all but ensures that Tesla owners who wish to race their cars could spend a good portion of the day pushing their vehicles to the limit. The addition of Superchargers would likely be popular among non-Teslas as well, especially when the company opens the network to other track-capable EVs like the Porsche Taycan. 

Tesla’s prefabricated Superchargers are fairly simple, but they present a way for the company to ramp its charger installations quickly. By using pre-built chargers, Tesla is able to set up numerous Superchargers in record time. This was definitely the case in Beaver, Utah, where one of Tesla’s first prefab Superchargers was built last year. 

As per Tesla owners, the Beaver Supercharger is a usual stop for drivers traveling from Salt Lake to St. George/Vegas. To the disdain of Tesla drivers, the site used to have only four V2 stalls. Using its prefabricated Supercharger system, Tesla was able to add 32 Supercharger V3 units in a few days, vastly improving the ownership experience of its drivers. 

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Tesla Semi helps install prefab Superchargers at Laguna Seca
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