Tesla strike continues to grow, now making its way to Norway

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The strike against Tesla is continuing to grow, now making its way to Norway after Denmark decided to join on Tuesday.

Norway’s largest labor union said on Wednesday that it would start blocking transit shipments of Tesla vehicles that were meant for the Swedish market. Norway becomes the third country to fight back against the automaker, which has failed to agree to collective bargaining agreements.

Norwegian union Fellesforbundet said it would send a “clear signal to Tesla,” doing whatever was necessary to keep its EVs from going to Sweden, where the strike initially began.

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Reuters first reported Norway’s decision to join in on the disruption of Tesla’s supply chain through the Nordic region.

Leader of the Fellesforbundet union Jörn Eggum, said:

“The right to demand a collective agreement is an obvious part of our working life, and we can’t accept that Tesla places itself on the outside.”

Tesla has maintained that its employees in the region have better workers’ rights than those who work within the unions. This is something that the company maintains in every region, even the United States, where CEO Elon Musk has offered the UAW an opportunity to unionize its U.S. factories.

The UAW has never come to Tesla’s production plants in the U.S. to conduct interest in unionization, even after Musk’s permission to do so.

However, in Europe, Norway’s statement that it will join Sweden and Denmark in an act of solidarity to force Tesla into signing collective bargaining agreements, things are getting more serious.

Both the Fellesforbundet union and 3F, the largest union in Denmark, confirmed that their actions would only affect Tesla in Sweden, not their own countries.

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Tesla strike continues to grow, now making its way to Norway
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