Tesla Sweden vehicle deliveries increase 55% YoY despite strike: report

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Tesla Sweden is currently dealing with an escalating strike from IF Metall. So far, the union has adopted a series of strategies that are designed to make it very difficult for Tesla to conduct its business in the country. Considering the electric vehicle maker’s sales this month, however, it would appear that the union’s anti-Tesla efforts are falling short. 

As per Tesla, over 90% of its service technicians in its workshops have decided to keep working despite the ongoing strike. The union, for its part, has been taking measures to prevent Tesla from delivering its cars to consumers. Logistics companies have even gone on sympathy strikes, and efforts are underway to block ports in Sweden from receiving new Teslas. 

As per a CarUp report, the effects of the union’s strike against Tesla have been quite limited. So far this November, Tesla has reportedly registered 858 new cars, as per data from This is quite an impressive number as it represents a sales increase of 55% year-over-year. Considering the escalation of IF Metall’s efforts against the EV maker, Tesla’s sales this month are notably impressive. 

The conflict between Tesla Sweden and IF Metall does not seem to be approaching its end. The union appears determined to push Tesla into a collective agreement, and the electric vehicle maker seems equally determined not to sign any deals with the union. Recent reports have even indicated that discussions have been taken off the table, as CEO Elon Musk has reportedly issued orders not to sign a collective agreement with IF Metall. 

Tesla Sweden is finding support from organizations in the country. Swedish Enterprise, a powerful entity with 49 member associations representing 60,000 member companies with collective agreements, recently noted that Tesla should not be forced to sign a collective agreement. Jan-Olof Jacke, the Director-General of the Swedish Enterprise, also noted that the union’s measures are starting to become unreasonable. 

“The sympathy measures that we are now seeing are starting to be clearly bigger than the goal that (they) want to achieve. It is not reasonable. It must be Tesla’s choice. Our task is that the collective agreements should be so attractive that the companies want to join,” the Swedish Enterprise Director-General said. 

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Tesla Sweden vehicle deliveries increase 55% YoY despite strike: report
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