Tesla’s subtle Supercharger ‘V4’ hints are pointing at the Cybertruck’s 350 kW charge rate

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Hints about what could very well be Tesla’s next-generation Supercharger “V4” system were shared in the company’s recently-held Q3 earnings call. During the call’s Q&A segment, President of Automotive Jerome Guillen mentioned that Tesla is looking at 350 kW chargers for its cars. These likely include next-generation vehicles like the Model S Plaid and the Cybertruck.

The references to the company’s “V4” Superchargers were shared as a response to a question from Loup Ventures’ Gene Munster, who inquired about the Tesla Semi’s Megacharger ramp. Responding to the analyst’s question, Guillen stated that the Class 8 truck would require a charging system above the 350 kW chargers that the company is looking to release for its vehicles.

“We continue the development of the Semi. And in particular, Megachargers, we realized that the 350-kilowatt or so that we might be looking for cars is not going to be enough for Semi,” Guillen said.

While subtle, the Tesla executive’s statement does provide a confirmation of sorts that the electric car maker is already preparing for the rollout of its next-generation Superchargers. This is quite interesting, considering that Supercharger V3’s 250 kW output already allows vehicles like the Model 3 to charge at rates of up to 1000 mph. With the V3 Superchargers, vehicles could regain up to 75 miles of range in just 5 minutes, a notable improvement from the company’s V2 stations.

Considering that Supercharger V3 is already extremely quick, Tesla’s Supercharger “V4” system would most definitely be even more impressive. The V3 chargers, after all, are already game-changing on their own with their 250 kW output. One could only imagine how much faster Tesla’s vehicles could charge once the company rolls out a charging system that has peak rates of 350 kW.

Interestingly enough, signs of an upcoming “V4” Supercharger were mentioned by Elon Musk during the Cybertruck’s unveiling last year. While discussing the vehicle’s features, Musk went through a slide that noted that the Cybertruck would have a maximum charge rate that’s beyond 250 kW. This suggested that the all-electric pickup truck would be compatible with a system that’s more powerful than the V3 Superchargers currently available today. This, together, with Jerome Guillen’s statement in the Q3 earnings call, infers that the Cybertruck, once it’s released, would most likely support up to 350 kW charging.

Tesla’s subtle Supercharger ‘V4’ hints are pointing at the Cybertruck’s 350 kW charge rate
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