Tesla Sweden issues comment as it weathers union strike

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Earlier this week, Tesla Sweden management issued a comment about the ongoing strike against the company, which has been escalating as of late. This was the first time that the electric vehicle maker formally addressed the ongoing protests.

Overall, it appears that Tesla is determined to continue its operations in Sweden without signing a collective agreement with unions, as noted in a CarUp report. In a written comment to Swedish media, Tesla Sweden management stated that the company already offers better agreements than what unions offer. 

“It is unfortunate that IF Metall has taken these measures. Tesla follows Swedish labor market regulations, but like many other companies, has chosen not to enter into a collective agreement. We already offer equivalent or better agreements than those covered by collective bargaining and find no reason to sign any other agreement,” Tesla wrote. 

Efforts to disrupt Tesla’s operations in the country have been escalating. The Real Estate Employees’ Union announced a sympathy strike at two companies that clean at Tesla’s facilities. The Electricians’ Union stated that its members would no longer be installing and repairing Tesla Superchargers as well. IF Metall has also accused Tesla of bringing in replacements for striking staff from elsewhere in Sweden and from foreign sites. 

In a comment to Swedish media, Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) Chairperson Susanna Gideonsson stated that it was prepared to escalate the conflict against Tesla as needed. When asked if the LO was ready to drive Tesla out of Sweden if necessary, Gideonsson noted that while unfortunate, such a scenario is not implausible. 

“Yes, if it goes that far, it’s sad, but we are. The alternative is that everyone else who is doing the same things in the same industry can avoid their collective agreements,” Gideonsson noted. 

Tesla, for its part, seems to be finding ways to work around the union’s efforts, at least for now. Earlier this week, for example, the Transport Workers Union went on a sympathy strike against Tesla and blocked the EV maker from unloading its cars at the port. Tesla responded by finding alternative ways to get its cars into Sweden. Local reports also noted that so far, large parts of Tesla’s business remain operational, with workshops being open and deliveries still ongoing. 

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Tesla Sweden issues comment as it weathers union strike
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